According to this, the hospital has been confirmed destroyed…who knows

Believe the update was 5:18


yeah that rumor of “fully destroyed” has been floating through the hospital channels and EMSA’s the last few hours. My intel came over command from fire resource at the hospital at 1645 answering a request for specific intel on hospital status. However as of 1745 they used up all the water near the Hospital. Nearest source is Lime Saddle for water.

Either way, it’s going to be an entirely different town 48hrs from now. :frowning:

Early up on aircraft and tankers at 0700 tomorrow.

1753: all hydrant systems in Paradise down.


My buddy in Oroville just saw it on the news…says its definitely gone but who knows what they are focusing on in the video


I can tell you the residents of paradise are all convinced that it’s gone. Would be cool to know for sure but I know that’s the kind of thing we will have to wait and see.


Most of the residents are convinced the whole town is gone.


Well yeah.


need to keep the faith. lets just keep the faith and wait till morning. keep fire and folks safe is the primary objective. hope for the best.



Anyone know if the fire impacted drendel circle.


Chico News confirming Hospital is gone, sounds like Safeway and multiple commercial building are destroyed, just showed video of a school burning, unknown which one


IC states fire 20,000 acres 0% contained.


The western front near Oro-Chico Hwy. will soon be bumping the row crops on the valley floor. Can’t go much further in that direction.


CBS Sacramento reporting multiple fatalities


I saw a bunch of PG&E heavy and light trucks moving WB on Hwy 20 from Grass Valley toward the valley this afternoon. I assume they are going to get in and start rebuilding ASAP, maybe to get the water back?


Guessing the number will be quite staggering when said and done…



54,000+ acres in 13-14 hours


Anyone know if Honey Run Road was impacted ? South West of Paradise in the canyon…family friend cant reach their husband


My sister said the school was PES. She was standing on the steps shown in the video just this morning. She was helping evac students until she had to stop and go help her (older) in-laws evac.


Anyone know about Sunset? Oliver is the cross just south of Bille. Have friends who’s parents live up there and no word on their home.