Yes. Right in the thick of it according to the IR map.


See the IR map posted by City FAE. You can zoom in and see Honey Run. Spot fires in Centerville. But less impact in Honey Run than I expected from earlier report.


Doesn’t sound good for that part of town.



CDF Tac 11,12,26,27…


Command is BTU Support 154.415 tone 123.0
I expect it to stay on that due to coverage and complexity of changing it so soon on such a large incident, but with the IMT taking over they may eventually take it to CalFire CMD 36-48hrs in, which will be either Cmd1, 2 or 7.

Tacs are all over - some VFires I think, and a random pick of 5+ channels between CDF Tac 1 and 37. I expect Air to Ground to be on CDF Tac 17 or 18 for tomorrow’s shift.


Any updates on the doe mill subdivision. It’s in the area of Stilson Canyon. Wondering if it’s been impacted by fire yet?


That IR flight occurred at 1754 last night. Things on the ground have progressed significantly since that time.

This link has a map with satellite fire detections, and has updated since the IR flight took place:


Any word on how Magalia fared???


KCRA 3 has a crew in there… showing a liquor store on fire… :pensive:


Initial mapping, factoring structure loss ratio of 9/10, is giving 10k plus structures lost.


Has anyone been in the area of Billie Park? Just wondering what it looks like over there.


I grew up near there and the reports I’ve been hearing make it sound like that part of town is gone.


I had heard that it crossed the N.Fork of the feather near Pulga or thereabouts but have seen no official updates about this. Any intel?


Billie Park is completely gone for the most part. A couple of homes still standing


And information on Nimshew Road up in Magalia


Hearing report of potential ignition on lower (south) Doe Mill near Schott Rd. in Forest Ranch. Any confirmation? There has been good work on upper Doe Mill between Schott and Garland Road including recent fuel reductions and Rx fire.


I drove through paradise up skyway last night. I went to wag staff. Then turned on rocky ln. I did not see a single home left where I was. I did notice holiday market, and two auto parts stores still standing. Other than that it was total devastation on both sides of the road. There was some fairly large homes still standing right before you get into paradise. Maybe 2 or 3. It was incredible to see especially since the fire had moved through 10 hours before I got there. But it was still an active firefight. You would have thought the fire just moved through if you didn’t know better.


Does anyone have any information on Butte Creek Canyon. Our family’s ranch is on Centerville Road, across the street from Diamondville. I had seen that the covered bridge was burned down but that was further down the canyon.
Any information is appreciated :pray:t2::pray:t2:


Surely, that is an estimate. It is way too early in the suppression effort for anyone to have a solid number of actual structures destroyed.


Damage Assessment team had a full day today to do intel. The final number will be north of that 6,713 figure. When entire areas are a complete loss, it’s then just a quick county search to fill in the structure loss. Can make the entire process much quicker.