not disputing the massive scale of the damage… just thought the exact number (xx13?) was obviously not going to be as final a number as it sounds.


They have to have a number on the damage assessment to submit it. Hence, the number. The ultimate total will be horrendous…stand by.


Really? I can’t understand why the numbers are so important at this point. Like it has been said, it will be a horrendous number. The numbers will come out and will be updated daily.


The operational period has to be documented and as the end of each period arrives, the information is obtained. It’s just one of those emergency / disaster response things. It gives the incident planners a good idea of what needs to be ordered and where resources may be sent.


Damage assessment is a critical part of the management process. It allows for recovery processes to initiate such as disaster declarations for funding purposes. It’s not as exciting as the firefighting but in a disaster such as this it’s essential to get assistance to people. Important? You betcha.


Update: We just found out that my grandmas house and ranch are devastated.


I’m so sorry. :slightly_frowning_face:What a tough blow for your family.


Can we get links for the best agencies to donate money and household goods too?


So very sorry! Several of our family have lost their homes too. So heartbreaking. Keeping you in our thoughts and prayers.


Dont think people are ready to deal with donations. It’s going to take awhile for containment and then for rebuilding if they choose. Maybe check with the shelters and see what the priority needs are they may need to help support them.


A good first start is Red Cross. A good second is to look to local organizations, such as churches, etc. Possibly, calling evacuation centers will let you know what they need. Often, those are personal care items, basic clothing (underwear and socks, etc) or pet supplies. If you want to donate money, donate for specific relief causes. Unfortunately, crooks come out of the woodwork on disasters. Household goods can help, but when people lose everything they also lose the ability to store or use household goods. Those can come in handy later in the recovery process. Make some calls, find out what is needed and then organize a community response to help. This is gonna be a long process and will effect a really wide range of people, communities and our northern CA region.


Any pending type 3 requests?


Yeah, I wouldn’t be discouraging people from donating. There will be places in chico to bank stuff, we are working on figuring out where those places are right now. People need things like new underwear right now. DONATE DONATE DONATE


KCRA Sacramento just announced they would be doing a telethon on Monday. They did one during the Car incident. It supports the Red Cross.


Trying to find out about 944 Natures Way in Paradise off of Clark rd near the airport. It is my father in law’s place and we have had no word as to its outcome. If you are on the line in that area could you pm me.


Can anyone post an iap and ops maps?


Has anyone been by 6444 Ranger Court Magalia? Family friends residence they had to evacuate. Any info would be greatly appreciated. Stay safe brothers and sisters.


Ops Map for 11/10… not willing to post IAP on public forum but google NIFC FTP server


This is a way of donating for the Northern California fire relief through the Red Cross of Northern California.
It also addresses monetary as well as other ways to give.


The Sacramento Bee has an article on how to help