Goat point appears to be a peninsula on the northern arm but still north and west of the “main body”



Breitbart is reporting 100+ missing


The Sac Bee puts the unaccounted number much higher…


Those numbers were just given by the ops chief at 1800 on tv as well.



Fair warning it’s not a complete list.


As is mentioned in the article, this is NOT by any means a complete list. But with several people inquiring, thought it may be beneficial. Mods, please delete if you don’t feel it’s appropriate.



This information is very much appreciated. My Mother was evacuated from the hospital in Paradise. My sister lives in Paradise as well as 2 nieces who have homes in Paradise. So this information is very much appreciated by those not on scene.


Anyone have any knowledge of possible RTF deployments to Butte County to search for victims? Our dispatch was looking for resources yesterday.


So far they have only called dogs from the volunteer LE SAR side. No word on MRPs
Or RTF needs.


Local SAR teams are sending ground teams as well.


From CBS 13 in Sacramento on how to help


Just a question. I thought i understood a comment on a radio news station that they are using National Guard folks to assist in search and recovery.


Yes we are. 100 National Guard troops to assist with search and recovery. I think they are all MP’s but not positive.


Sheriff stated at tonights media briefing, they brought in an additional 287 personnel today to assist in the search and recovery effort, that includes 100 CNG. The total of personnel in the effort is 461 individuals plus 22 cadaver dogs.


Fatality count went up today to a total of 56. 47 tenentivly identified, pending notification next of kin.


This number will continue to rise as search teams continue their gruesome job! Keep Strong


When I saw mention of “Branch 11” I thought someone had misread Branch II as Branch 11. Nope! This fire actually has that number of divisions. The feds would have split this fire into 2-3 “zones” with a Type I team for each zone and put an Area Command team as IC. Cal Fire disagrees with this and thus has this number of divisions and says that the ICS was not designed to have two command teams on one fire. The feds say that is true, but more than 5-6 branches exceeds the desired span of control of 5. As this is going to occur more frequently in the future, perhaps we need to rename a group of about 5 branches and have multiple zones under one IMT. As for the title of the position in charge of a “zone,” I think “Zone Patron” has a ring to it, but that sounds silly. So what is left? Zone Chief (would cause confusion with operations, plans, logistic, etc.). Zone Senior Director (too wordy?) or Zone President (implies a democracy), maybe Zone Manager (managers are normally subordinate to directors), Zone Assistant IC (implies that there would be Zone IC’s) or Zone Vice IC?

I downloaded the missing persons list and noted it has about 100-110 persons on it. I hope all are found, but I don’t think that will be the outcome, unfortunately. Most seem to be at least 60+ years in age. I don’t think that is a cause, but reflects the existing demographic of that area.


Even though they have it named Branch 10 and 11, there are a total of 5 Branches on this fire - so within ICS designed span of control. With it going unified with USFS, and half the fire front reaching into the forest, it could easily expand into a state and a fed Zone with teams on each. They numbered and labeled their Divisions and Branches accordingly for further expansion if/when it is needed.


I’m kind of an ICS nerd and love that you put the thought into this. It will be interesting to see how this will get decided. Firescope was so long ago.