Confused at Statement “FIRESCOPE was so long ago”. I believe it continues to evolve.


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Not the time or the place


Anybody know if the active heat in the north along hwy 70 was a from a burn op? Or is that still uncontrolled?


I’ve been away from map intel today but had ears on command in the background. Sounds like some firing operations around Bear Ranch Com site with mendocino hotshots. I only had half an ear today. Lots of T1 copter work up in there today around the heel and 70.


The latest numbers as of 1800 hours Thursday night. 140,000 acres with 40% containment. 63 confirmed fatalities, destroyed structures: 9,700 single family homes, 118 multi-family homes, 290 commercial buildings, and 1,750 other structures for a total of 11,862 destroyed structures.


The California National Guard troops are Combat engineers out of Chico and Petaluma. They are trained in search and extraction among other things. … I believe


Does anybody have the address of the ICP, we’ve got 5 cases of Fire Wipes(decon wipes) that have been donated and want to get them to those who need them.


Silver Dollar Fairgrounds in Chico, Ca.


ICP is at the Silver Dollar Fairgrounds. 2357 Fair St. Chico, CA. 95928


First day of demob in camp


Presidential Motorcade left Chico Airport and is headed up Skyway to Paradise. Unknown where all they will visit.


Silver Doller Fairgrounds for Fire ICP
Thermalito Forebay North Picnic for Law ICP
Western side of Chico Airport for the logistics camp for CalOES, CalGuard, FEMA, EMSA, and other disaster support.

A very large scale PGE camp setup off Skyway near the Tuscan Ridge golf course. A “new” city that nearly rivals a fire camp. Another smaller camp on south Clark Rd in town. Comcast setup at their Chico office off Eaton, lots of fiber pull as well as ATT. Verizon and ATT both are feeling pain in their wireless networks with demand in Chico. They’re working on ramping up service even more. ATT portable Cell On Wheels on lower Skyway in Paradise while TMobile is setup at KMart building to support contractors and public safety in town.


2-4 inches of rain on the 6 day outlook for the burn area.


Sure hope the NWS is right!


The rain would be great just hope for no mid slides.


Red Flag ends at 4pm. Jarbo Gap already slowing down.


They’ve been doing a lot of hydroseeding throughout Paradise on a lot of large open slopes to hopefully keep things together.



Anyone know if they conducted the firing operation in “MM” today?