Noticed a heat signature on GOES SW of Lake Tahoe, Leek Springs cam has a shot of something that looks to have a head of steam on it


I may be mistaken but I believe the cam is on the Tahoe cams

But yes…something definitely warm there!


I went to Reno Wed and came back Friday and looked to be a fire in what I thought was Silver Fork, but not sure if that was the right area. Could see the smoke Wed morning on the way up and Friday on the way back. Looked to be a let burn or a control burn. Was putting up a little smoke but wasn’t doing a lot. Looked like a great burn going on. Looking at the cam it has come to life. Can someone give us a little info on this…Thanks

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Caples prescribed burn.


Thanks BrushSlasher

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You’re all over it tonite !!

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Is this one still under control? Getting pretty big from the looks of it


Still under control, they’ve been putting a lot of fire on the ground.


Is it AEU or ENF-Caples Rx?

I see Los Padres IHC assigned.


It is ENF.


Modoc & Shasta Lake IHCs there also…must be quite the landscape burn to be pulling in several hotshot crews in.

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It’s got a serious heat signature at the moment, much larger than the Briceburg it appears


I came over highway 88 a few days ago right at dusk and could see active fire down in the canyon, they had a lot of signage indicating it was a prescribed fire… looked like a pretty sizable burn. Had all of hope valley, the Carson pass and spur socked in with smoke

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Let’s hope they were blackening in the west and south ends…


Did it hold thru the night?


There was a turbo commander off McClellan doing laps over this burn about an hour ago.


CalFire hired a night Air Attack for the wind event.


For the ENF RX burn??

I’m confused.


I’m not sure what their mission is during this time. I just know they are available out of MCC.

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If u can get accurate thermal imagery (interior hot spots, heat close to the line, etc), why wouldn’t u request a flyover? Especially if FW-51 is over the Briceburg.
Cables Rx appears to be a large landscape Rx burn.
They have several IHCs from NOPS & SOPS committed to it. Might as well get an IR flight over it.