Not a wildland incident but there is a major fire on board the USS Bonham Richard (aircraft carrier) moored in San Diego. Pulling on crews out and going defensive at this time. Listen to it here:


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Third Alarm Fire. The Crews experienced a large explosion. All Crews have pulled out and are going defensive. Multiple Navy Personnel have been transported to UCSD with smoke inhalation. IC trying to come up with a new plan. This will likely go on for multiple Op periods.

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Unknown injuries… all crews pulling back. ExplosionsPoint

Traffic on the radio said the explosion was on a pier. It must be the staging area? They’re conducting PAR checks now.

This is a challenging fire. Ship fires are considered a confined space so great call to pull everyone out and go defensive.

I’d imagine there will be massive USAR task force and RTF requests.

USS Bonham Richard (amphibious assault vessel)

Here is a list of SND units that have responded:
T11, LA1, LA40, T44, T1, E17, E4, T12, E1, E201, E27, E7, E11, USAR2, E51, E20, E26, E12, E19, E2, E3, B1, B6, SC1, B3, B2, AM414, AM416, AM418, AM417, B33, B53, B57, BLS11, BLS5, CHAP6, CRDT36, CVB51, Dep6, FB11, FB12, Fe110, Fe111, Fe12, Fe16, Fe161, Fe18, Fe19, FEDLA110, FEDM92, FIRE2, Fm28, FTR17, LOGS2, LOGS4, M1, M10, M12, M39, M4, M43, M6, MC1, MD1, MS71, MS84, NCE34, NCT34, OS10, SOP3, USAR53

Does San Diego have a big fire boat? Those two little boats working it are trying but don’t appear to be effective

No, San Diego does not. They use harbor police boats. But that is all they have.

I agree on the US&R RTF request but after they have a knockdown.

According to the media in San Diego, all Navy personnel are accounted for


Not to sure they would pull an RTF as the US military has a lot of resources that can search the ship after the fire is out. If US&R resources are needed San Diego has several assets including CATF-8. Time will tell if this incident tansitions to a US&R response…

SDFD initial fire attack assignment was E7, E11, T11… crews made access below deck with 2.5” lines but experienced multiple explosions knocking crews to catwalk, unable to access seat of fire due to very high heat and zero visibility, coupled with the fact that the fire was still a couple decks below them. Crews melted the soles off their turnout boots while getting out. Very high heat deep down in a steel ship.


They’re reports of everyone accounted for so no need for search now. If there were several missing/unaccounted for then maybe they would’ve pulled the US&R trigger so the Navy wouldn’t have to search for their own (PTSD).

No injuries to any SDFD firefighters or Fed Fire luckily, however most of the first alarm went to hospital for evaluation. They all got their butts kicked pretty good.

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As a member of a DoD USAR team, I am aware of that. I also know we won’t hesitate to use mutual aid systems to request as many state resources as necessary too. Depending on the risk vs gain, rescue vs recovery, and national security issues, they’ll definitely incorporate civilian agencies in to the mix.