CA-KRN-Ridgecrest Earthquake??


A 6.6 . magnitude earthquake hit near Searles Valley in southern California on Thursday, shaking a widespread area. It hit a remote area of San Bernardino at approximately 10:35 a.m., according to USGS

Kern County responding with multiple strike teams and USAR teams into ridgecrest.

KRN -Earthquake

6.4 Earthquake centered in Ridgecrest. Reports of fires and rescues. Felt in LA and Las Vegas.


Potentially looking to evacuate Ridgecrest regional hospital due to structural damage. Strike team of ambulances from Bakersfield.



LA County Air Rescue-5 on scene.


Are you sure this isn’t Kern S.O. Air 5?


Ridge Crest hospital being evacuated per Kern County fire


Negative. Kern County Sheriff helicopter (Air-5)

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Additionally KRN H-408


Any further updates ? I have heard both end of the spectrum. Are there multiple fires, collapses etc? Can we expect requests for aid from outside the region ?


Multiple structure fires and alot of structure damage.


Area command KRN Batt 7. North Branch on KRN3 / South Branch on KRN2

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Ok, Thanks for the Info.


Thanks for the freqs, I’ll tune in.


It sounds like lots of structural damage. I haven’t heard any collapses. There are less than 5 fires. KRN is running lots of gas and water leaks.

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At this time, no reports on building collapses. Two single family structure fires, now under control. Evacuation of Ridgecrest hospital ER. Majority of incidents are commercial fire alarms, gas leaks and other hazardous conditions.

KRN Batts 7, 1, 5, 4
H-408 and KCSO Air-5
KRN USAR 52 & 61
KRN Type 1 S/T
KRN Single Increment Engines 71, 73, 74, 75, 76, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, E336 and Cal City E19.
Additionally Hall Ambulance Strike Team


Depending on are ability to make call backs (being 4th of July) and staffing our reserve engines, I wouldn’t expect to see any out of area request at this time.

China Lake base did put out emergency notice to KRN ECC at 12:10 hours that they anticipated an additional large earthquake to occur relatively soon, but nothing yet.

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We just sent our Region 5 Cal OES Communication van to Ridgecrest. As well as KRN Breathing Support 24 & 66.

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