Guinda has something working, no good intel from here


Building column.


Asking for 1 BC, 6 WT, 8 dozers, but I don’t know what that is on top of already, lots of resources coming off the Pawnee fire


I see Yolo county dispatch has an assignment for a vet fire on County Rd 22 in esparto…


I don’t think this is Esparto, I think they are calling it the County fire, County rd 63

County IC which is a confusing name for a fire


County Rd 63 and Highway 16, didn’t hear size up but yolo sent a task force.


That’s what I heard, in Guinda RD63


1 lead 1 VLAT


Copy… I just had this one

Damn can’t get the pic to post



LNU-E for command
VFIRE 22 tac
CFD Tac 5

ICP at county rd 68 and hwy 16


from esparto


Fire Name: CA-LNU-County

Rate of Spread: Rapid

Size: 70+

Initial Fire Direction: South

Fuel Type: Grass and Grassy Woodlands & brush

Initial Lead Agency: LNU & Yolo County

Location Description: County Rd 63 and Highway 16 in Glinda


Scanner Link:

Web Cam (s):

Other Information


AA calling it 350-400 acres now


RD 63 to 76
West Hwy 16 Include Murphy Ranch



Salt up!! It’s going to the top!


600+ now, active right flank


Now known as the Guinda fire…per CAL FIRE


IC now stating 800ac…will be Blue Ridge by sunset