Continued the No Divert. AT just requested 2 additional type 1 air tankers


1500 acres long range spotting


Per air attack, 4000 acres with long range spotting


Dispatch is calling it the County Fire - moved command net to Command 2 Tone 13
(added tone)



Anybody got any pending order status?


Looking for anything specific on the orders? I can take a look.


Nothing specific, just seeing what the pending looks like. Thank you for checking


6 Type 6 ST’s and 8 Type 3 ST’s still pending for the County Fire as of right now.


Anyone have a map that includes division breaks? Not seeing it on the IAP or GIS folders.


Type 1 OES?


No pending orders for type 1’s on the County Fire.


Darn, and I hoped the “any orders out there” died with the old site…


Agree if you get the call you go if no call no go


Darn, I was hoping the “quit discussing and asking questions” on the question and discussion forum would have gone away with the old site.


Looking WNW from Cache Creek Casino.
Don’t believe I’ve seen the link on here, sorry if it’s a repeat share.
Refreshing every 6-11 seconds for me.


Judging by that view it looks like there’s been a wind shift.


Sitting in staging at 16 and 78 at Cache Creek. It does look like a wind shift has occurred. More from the SW currently.


Both VLats over the fire in tow with each other. The column is now about to Cap out with the wind shift.


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