Does any one know the status of the repeaters Berryessa Peak?
(added location)



Looks like it blew up in the last 30 minutes. There’s now two very distinct columns and this picture is from Chico.


Looks like multiple heads I can count at least 3 from the esparto area


We could hear them testing the portable repeaters from Grass Valley last night. We also heard the FOBS on VFire 23 :joy:


Not yet, staged there and the casino looks full and operating. But the fire may start moving this direction. Conditions are awful with ash fall here.


This is taken from Fire Station 2 in Grass Valley


One of our Tough Company Dozers is now on scene. Going direct.


From I-80, in Dixon.


What part of the fire were they requesting the helo’s for immediate structure threat? Still burning towards solano?


Didn’t say specific but that they were to get water out of the south dip


Curious if they are doing load and hold because they are making big progress on it or weather/conditions aren’t being favorable for aircraft?


The amateur radio repeater on Berryessa Peak was burned over

FYI the Yolo County ARES repeater KE6YUV and the packet Nodes KBERR, Berry, Berr37 are all down.
The County Fire appears to burned right at out repeater site on Berryessa Ridge.

Check out the BARK RADIO WEB SITE FOR A MAP OF THE FIRES around our repeater site


I think because of heavy smoke, based on Twitter.


Tankers just released due to smoke over the fire 17:35 7/3


Reported lightning strike North of Div B, HELCO states storm cell building to the North



Fire wake up today or are they just doing big burn ops?


Well interior island on its own.