CA-LNU-Kincade (Contained)


State ID: CA
3 letter designator: LNU
Fire name: Kincade
Location: John Kincade Road, north of Geyserville
Reported acres: 300+
Rate of spread: Critical
Report on Conditions: 300+ Acres per CWN Night Air Attack
Structure threat: Evacuations in progress
Resources: High Dispatch from LNU plus IC requesting 12 Immediate need ST and 8 Dozers
Weather: Winds gusting up to 60+ MPH
Radio channels: Tac: VFIRE 24, VFIRE25 Command: CDF C6
Scanner link:
Webcam link:
Agency Website:


1000 Acres



Updated CMD, CMD 6

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IC just expanded evacuation orders to include much of the roads off River Rd and everything east of the hwy 128 including River rock Casino saying the fire will reach that area in two hours.


Fire updated at 5000 acres


Now over 5k acres


Mandatory Evacs everything east of hwy 128 from River south to Pine Flat


New scanner link dedicated to the fire


Sounds like still major spotting. They are saying it’s made it down to the Robert Young Winery with fire inside property.


Per Cal Fire this is now 10,000 acres.


IC reports fire has jumped Geysers Rd & is heading towards Hwy 128 & the casino, requesting 10 additional engines immediate need to that area.

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Fire is making strong push to Pine Flat road, multiple immediate structure threats. Pulling most resources down to the lower portion for structure defense.


IC reports they’re starting to lose structures on Red Winery Rd - where the addl 10 engines have been dispatched to, immediate need.


Units reporting fire has now spotted across Hwy 128 & is established on the other side. No cross given.

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Evacuation warning for community of Geyserville


Fire has crossed the River Rd/Moody Ln/Hwy 128 area. All of Geyserville is now under an Evac order.

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Here is a link to a MOTIS satellite detection page I like.

It maybe a little behind. They said recently Moody Lane needs immediate structure protection.


10,000 acres, FMAG submitted. CF Team 6 moved to prepo in the North


Here is a link to google maps Moody Lane if you want it quickly.,+Geyserville,+CA+95441/@38.7182537,-122.8893928,16z/data=!4m5!3m4!1s0x80840f820bc5ca65:0x64963fb7d1987506!8m2!3d38.7211626!4d-122.891324

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