State ID:Ca
3 letter designator:LPF
Fire name: Dolan (LPF 2428)
Location:36 7.398, -121 36.096
Reported acres: 90
Rate of spread: Rapid
Report on Conditions: Extreme Fire Behavior.
Structure threat: 4
Resources: USFS, Fort Hunter Liggett, CalFire
Radio channels: LPF Forest Net Command. (170.4625), LPF Tac2 (168.2625) Tone 8 (Cone Peak 103.5)
Scanner link:
Webcam link:
Agency Website:

RP reported Fire just before 2100 hours stating fire up Dolan Ridge at 90 acres. Firefighters responded from Big Sur Fire and CalFire sent a ST of type III engines. LPF also sent resources. An arsonist was taken into custody on scene and other persons in the area, reportedly were throwing rocks at firefighters. Law enforcement from CHP were requested as the persons were believed to be possible marajuana growers in the area.
23:30 Chief on scene reported extreme fire behavior with fire burning downslope with spotting 100 yards ahead of fire. Esalen Institute threatened and structure protection needed.


Monterey SO, Chief 7800 and Div 3 of LPF in Unified Command.

4 persons on Dolan Rd who refused to evacuate and insisted on staying to defend.

Evacuations orders for Dolan Rd and Esalon Institute on hwy 1.

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Hard closure of hwy 1 at Lucia to south and Hot Springs Bridge to North.

This is from the Los Padres WildCAD
8/18/2020 20:04 LPF-2428
P5 NF6M (0507)
Dolan Wildfire 36 7.166 x 121 35.986
DIV3 Laugharn Effective 2400 08/18/2020 grass brush 2500 36 7.398, -121 36.096 21S R3E Sec 11

Looks like a team order, Wakoski dropped off the team rotation at South Ops, they were there earlier this morning

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I think they are going to W-5 Fire on the NOD per North Ops News & Notes


Probably right if was on News & Notes. Was nothing on South Ops N&N about a team just missing from the rotation. I would imagine they’ll be a team order soon if it’s 2500

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I’m hearing CIIMT2 for Dolan.

I think Minton’s is the only team left

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What is that screenshot of?

0045 VIIRS via Terra showing heat on Dolan Fire 8/19/20.

In addition it shows past fires, and wind flow and speed. Green is 10mph or less. Yellow is 20mph.

LPF and Inciweb saying 2500 acres early this morning. I personally think it’s much larger based on measurements of IR.


Thanks, that’ll be a nasty fire

LPF Strike Team 1652C responding we got pulled off the Lake Fire. We will be there tomorrow morning. Thanks for all the info. Any new news on the fire?


Remains at 2500 acres with zero percent containment. Smoke inversion prevented air resources today. Continued hot & dry weather pattern is expected. The fire is using slope driven runs in rugged terrain w/ dry fuels to spot & make erratic pushes into the wilderness.
Stay safe out there my friends. (REC 32)

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