State ID CA
3 letter designator:LPF
Fire name: Howard
Location: HWY 33 Rose Valley Rd At the Pedro Blanca trail
Reported acres:20 acres
Rate of spread:moderate
Report on Conditions:Heavy brush with high growth potential
Structure threat:zero
Resources: Full response from LPF and VNC
Radio channels:
Scanner link:
Webcam link:
Agency Website:

Helicopter 530 advising it’ll be a hand crew show it’s only access is by foot.

Cam… Got a little cap on it.

Howard AA overhead of the incident and is requesting VLAT out of San Bernardino

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Another from further away showing the entire column.

Aircraft…Air Attack 52, 1 Lead Plane, Air Tankers 105, 131, 1 VLAT, VCFD Copter 4, Helitanker 61.

From this angle it looks like there is a storm cell in the area.

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There was a report of lightning strikes and sprinkles in the area on the 1st of arriving units


VNC copter 4 evacuated 4 people


LAT tanker 167 off Fresno enroute, 28 minutes.

75 acres per Intel aircraft.

Looks like tanker 169 coming around

ANF Crew 1,3,5 and SQF Crew 5 enroute.

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1822hrs per IC: 80-85 acres, retardant around 80% of it, has significantly slowed.

3 LATs, 1 VLAT for tomorrow


VNC copter will be making night drops on the fire.

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With the exception of a V CoFD night flying copter all Ventura Co FD resources have been released.

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Angeles NF night flying helicopter 531 has been requested to the fire. Possibly to spell the VNC copters.

Copter 531 has been cancelled, VNC copter 5 released for the night and VNC copter 4 continues to work the fire. No further updates heard.


The dialog in this thread mimics (almost exactly) the kind of tipping we would see in defense combat chat channels. Great interaction, good insight, great SA!

Question: Do y’all work within the incident level or support teams or was the tipping based on observations of outside channels/sources? The reason I ask is I work in a team looking at creating more real-time group chat spaces to enable much the same kind of dialog for all events, among the support crews.

have you checked out watch duty?

Yep, watching that as well. Is that a main source?

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