CA-MEU-Mendocino Complex???


Questions and Discussion thread for the Mendocino complex after the joining of the River and the Ranch fire into the complex.

River Q and D - CA-MEU-River???
Ranch Q and D - CA-MEU-Ranch?? (was Potter Valley??)

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CA-MEU-Ranch?? (was Potter Valley??)

Is there an IAP available for this incident yet?

CA-MEU-Mendocino Complex (contained)

With it still being under 24 hours and lack of resources as of yet I would not expect to see an IAP yet,

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Is there audio that does not include law enforcement? Only fire traffic?

CA-MEU-Mendocino Complex (contained)

Well sort of “news” from the Ranch line, what I did hear: it’s only us, (Mad River IHC) + ? Multiple dozers & they are losing… just not enough resources…


And with new start in LNU, it’s really gonna get tight


Suptwife, I’m guessing that will be the story for an op period or two. There just aren’t any resources nearby this new incident.

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They sent a task force consisting of 2 NEU engines (rented LG engines I think), the NEU hired tactical WT and 2 BTU engines, by way of Highway 20…

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Anyone know what’s pending in Ross?


That’s a rare task force indeed. Reminds me of the “rainbow” strike teams on the ‘90s.


One of Our ( My) TF’s on the Tubbs fire was 1-T3, 2-T1 and 2-T1tac WT.,
We were pretty much our whole div the first 4 days then we grabbed a Fed T3 and ran 2 little TF’s.

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Headed there on a type 1 engine strike team from multnomah county OR.


Anybody have today’s IAP?


Looks like they don’t have an IAP yet, just maps

The IAP is in there

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Three strike teams released last night from the Cranston Fire and redeployed to the Mendocino Complex. 2303A demob’d and redeployed this morning as well.


Got any updates on activity?? Heading to the complex.


Ranch fire from ICP in Ukiah.

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River fire from ICP in Ukiah.

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