So let’s talk about the burn over. I feel like it could prove to be a good learning tool. What happened? Is there a report out yet?


When did this happen??

I remember hearing about one involving civilians and fire personel when the first structures were impacted but haven’t heard anything about it since then.

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Oh yes that. If I remember correctly I wasn’t to far up the road from that I heard it come over the air on MSO traffic I believe a deputy guided them out could be wrong I do know tankers made drops right on top of the area. To my knowledge no deployment or serious injuries occurred from it.


It happened twice on July 22. First time in the afternoon approx 3:45pm. 4891 Carstens Rd 10 civilians trapped per scanner traffic. I believe they asked for a retardant drop. No deployment or injuries were reported.

Second time was in the evening same day approx 8pm. A strike team reported taking heavy fire and requested additional support. But they said they should be safe where they were at. Later they checked in and were ok. Again this is from the scanner traffic.

I was able to backtrack it because we discussed it in a group chat I have with one of my FB watch group teams. This is not something we would ever post on our watch groups however.

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Thats like what happened to the Fresno county fire guys who were doing structure protection in meadow lakes and got stuck at my friend Lynn’s house as the creek fire ran up acorn drive. They put the video on Facebook.