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PG&E has declared a Public Safety Power Shutoff for Monday and Tuesday nights. A map of the affected areas can be found at

The latest information I have is:

PG&E held a teleconference this evening at 5:30. A few highlights below:

· Slightly reduced likelihood of a PSPS event on Monday at 7:00 pm (Event 1). PG&E will make a determination of go/no-go at 10:00 am.

· Slightly increased likelihood of a PSPS event starting Tuesday evening (Event 2), including 3 additional North Bay counties (misery loves company).

The next update is at 10:00 AM Monday - will post here if it is OK


I am not seeing any info about the North Bay on their site. The site is pretty clumsy. Only shows the east of valley foothills.


i noticed that - just got a text and phone call from PG&E saying I might lose power in the next 24 hours.


PG&E have added the area between Napa and Clear Lake


PG&E held a teleconference this afternoon at 12:30. A few highlights below:

· Scope of the Sierra Foothills PSPS event has been reduced

· Butte, Nevada and Yuba are in the PSPS event today; 12-24 hour restoration period (shorter because fewer counties)

· Placer has been removed from the PSPS event today. But still potentially in the PSPS event starting Tuesday evening. To be continued.

· Not sure if Auburn Gold Country Fairgrounds will remain a community resource center (Nevada County requested it be open for south Nevada County residents)

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Power shut off at 5:00 in Nevada, Butte and Yuba counties


BTU put it out on local net. They said 1730 hrs.

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It’s on [off]

Pretty much where they said it would be


They are running a couple of [legal] cooking fire calls locally…I am kind of wondering what unintended consequences these PSPS are going to have.

These happened at 5:30 pm, people are probably trying to finish their dinners.

I am imagining an unknown number of ugly rope start generators off running in some weeds feeding power through extension cords with twisted together ends.


Please continue. It’s all about discussions and education for all of us.


Some of the Butte fire cams are offline around 4am this morning. Come to find out one of the radio vaults these feed back into doesn’t have HVAC on backup power and it’s currently 119F inside the vault. I wonder how the cell sites (what’s backup power?) and other radio and WISP sites are faring.

Hopefully the communities come to understand their need for self-reliance with generators etc. However if communication disappears also, that’s gonna break a lot of people, especially if an incident occurs and nobody has warning or accurate intel. We’re all learning this new game.

edit: come cell sites are down - imagine that!


I agree with your assessment of the chances for lack of power causing fires to start in other ways (ugly rope start generators lol) The main thing I think we all need to remember is that this isn’t about PG&E trying to prevent fires. It’s about them trying to prevent fires that they are directly responsible for.

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So true, so true. If something like the Camp fire happens again the Lawyers will be stampeding after PG&E like a bunch of Lemmings.


Looks like some restorations in the shutdown area (such as Lake Wildwood) but heard on the broadcast radio they may restore only to shut it down again tonight at 6 just like last night.


PG&E held a teleconference this afternoon at 12:30. A few highlights below:

· All power from the de-energization should be restored by 1800 today.

· The PSPS event expected for the Sierra Foothills is likely to be limited to Butte County, specifically the Paradise area. However, PG&E is not committing to this location at this time. Technically speaking, they are not letting Placer off the hook quite yet.

· We will get another update at 5:30 pm.


My local steel supplier in Oroville was closed today due to the shutoff. They run a huge shop, with dozens of employees, and many local fab shops rely on their daily deliveries for their projects. This shutoff has a lot of secondary impacts.


PG&E held a teleconference this evening at 6:00. A few highlights below:

· Foresthill will be de-energized tonight sometime after midnight (this was our first notification) for a weather event through 10:00 am, with the hope of a 12-hour re-energization timeline.

· PG&E may call an audible and cancel the event around midnight.


Tonight’s power outages from KCRA


…and the winds in my yard in Foresthill 1/2 mi from where the transmission lines cross the NF canyon during the 13 hour ‘extreme weather event’ PSPS: Absolutely dead calm – hardly a leaf twitching, let alone tree swaying. :confused:


What is your “normal” wind speed and direction for that time of day?