State ID: CA
3 letter designator: RRU
Fire name: Apple
Location: Beaumont Rd & Oak Glen
Reported acres: 3 fires 5 ac, 15 ac, ? Ac
Rate of spread: MROS
Report on Conditions: Requesting additional resources
Structure threat: Multiple
Radio channels: Command 1, Tac 10
Scanner link:
Webcam link:
Agency Website:


Three separate fires in the hills off of Oak Glen Road. Structures are threatened, T72-C130-T73-N319 above. Requesting evacuations. Residents are requesting help to evacuate with their animals on Avenida Miravilla


First fire was reported 3acres moderate spread into heavy fuel. Second fire called the 5 additional engine’s and crews. Structure threat. Didn’t get the 3rd size up


Two additional tankers for a total of 7

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No divert requested for all tankers.
Branch 1 is off of Miravilla.

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5 additional T-3‘S to Branch 2, two Additional closest heli-tanker, Branch 1 60 acres, Branch 2 10-15 acres


Branch 1 is 50 plus acres. Branch 2 is about 15 acres. Major structure threat.

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IC requesting 20 engines, any type, immediate need. Closing in on 100 acres. 7 Tankers currently assigned, T-70 T-71 T-72 T-73 T-76 T-78 T-131. Copters, C-902 C-22Z C-301 C-535, Helitankers, HT-3HT HT-720

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IC requesting a VLAT and the tankers from Santa Maria,


From Hemet


show up. esp. if you can transport lg animals. suggest be in fire gear. just my suggestion. maybe they could use a dozer on a need contract?? only if you have verification of training, 8hr safety

best to you

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Live view on Periscope


Branch 2 requesting more Engines for structure Defense, AA keeping the no divert for life threat.


IC advising 150 structures, 1000 people, watershed and power lines threatened. Containment objectives. Hold the fire north of Orchard Rd., south of Wildwood Cyn Rd, east of Oak Glen Rd west of Mile High Rd.

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VLAT was denied. The 2 upper fires have joined. IC - Reordering 2 VLATs, this is going to be a major fire.


Fire is 300-350acres, going to be a “major incident” per Ic. Resource request to follow

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“well established above Bogart”, going to re-draw the box.