State ID:CA
3 letter designator:SHF
Fire name:Delta
Location: I5 at Vollmers/Delta exit, north of Lakehead
Reported acres: 3 fires (2 on east side of I5 at couple acres each, 1 on west side of I5)
Webcam link:
Sugarloaf Mtn cam
other caltrans cams in area might pick more up.

Delta Air Attack just placed large aircraft order above the IA response… for a live scanner that covers SHF and should have the aircraft also, depending on terrain, it gets scratchy up there…(also Broadcastify SHU live scanner)


Hay truck just drove through the fire, fully involved and is south of the main fire. Also has a medical patient who fell off the truck.

A similar thing happened last year on I5 at Bridge Bay with a hay truck driving through a fire…

LZ for medivac for truck driver, not to add to the complexity of this incident…


Sure looks to be getting after it:


Developing a good heat signature:



Lakehead cam


Air attack just ordered vlat…5 type 1 copters and 5 type 2 copters already ordered


Weather: winds appear to be aligned with the river canyon running up canyon

Vollmers Caltrans right at fire: 93F 12% RH, Winds ESE 8G12 (lost contact with wx/camera)

Antlers Caltrans south of Lakehead: 92F, 14% RH, Winds S 4G6

Incident RAWS on Green mtn in the Hirz fire - just east of this fire: 85F, 18% RH, SSW 12G21


La Moine Caltrans cam has the head now at I5

Also CHP CAD Redding Office

EDIT: Also the Yreka office for CHP CAD. The CHP office boundary is right around here. Lot of entrapped vehicles and drivers running up I5 abandoning vehicles.


Now 500 Acres…0% Containment, CHP closed I-5 North at Fawndale, north of Redding, and I-5 South at Mott Road near Dunsmuir.
SHASCOM sending Redding Fire to assist.


Mass emergency broadcast alert
Shasta county SO
EVACS from Lamoine to county line
( castella) in the I-5, Sacramento river canyon.

Fyi that is 15 miles of the canyon.


Two VLATs en-route from McClellan: T914 & T911. Seeing reports that it is close to 1,000 acres.


Per twitter feed Butte County 9213C self dispatched after being released from Hirz…


T-912 enroute also



Per CIIMT 1; North Ops Center reports fire is now @ 700+ acres, 0% contained, Rapid Rate of Spread, Long range spotting, 3 separate fires have burned together,Structures threatened Evacuations in progress I-5 closed S of Lamoine at Delta Rd. both directions


AA putting all tankers on no divert do to imminent life safety and critical infrastructure threat.


KCRC TV redding doing live report about fire.


Fire has reached Lamoine, per CHP and traffic cams.


Here is the area, with Carr and Hirz burned areas shown in blue.
Black lines are Carr Fire dozer lines.

SRA shown in Yellow (when you don’t have an SRA map, just look for clearcuts, and you’ll be pretty close), but as was pointed out recently on other threads, this entire is Fed Direct Protection Area.



Current view from the Lamoine traffic cam…


Delta Fire in relation to the Hirz. Delta is red, Hirz is yellow.