CA-SHF Delta??


Yea I get that part…its just an odd to see request for T2, use to seeing T1, T3 or T6. Cant speak for the other regions, but here in ol Reg IV our T3 OES engines are only typed in ROSS as T3 and not T2…


Well, all sorts of contingency line was put in for both, might be a “good stroke”to start looking at using it…
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That is exactly what I and my trainee was doing tonight. We will start pushing a lot of iron tomorrow to tie it into the intestate in the area of Sims


Location of Delta Fire - Between CARR and HIRZ Fire.


Here is a map that uses the final fireline data from Carr and Hirz to show completed dozer lines and burned area. There may be other dozer lines on private lands that are missing from this dataset.
Dozer line shown in WHITE, Carr and Hirz burned areas shown in dark blue.

The MODIS data from last night was way off - it showed the fire way out to the West, almost 5 miles past where IR flight caught it.
Weather forecast last night expected an inversion to develop today around 2,000’ elevation, trapping smoke in the lower elevation areas for most of the day, and making it hard to get recon and retardant drops. Conditions are supposed to be unstable in the afternoon, and when the inversion breaks, it should be back off to the races again.
My concern for the fire it that it is going to hop, skip, and jump right thru all of those clearcuts on the West side of I-5. The clearcuts are just basically spotfire magnets, and they are so dry and exposed to the surface winds the spots are 20 acres and torching into the next uncut stand before you can say ‘Type 1 Helicopter’.

I’ll be updating maps here and on the Deer Creek Resources Facebook page. Deer Creek is not officially assigned to this fire, but fire mapping is what we do, and big fires like this in our backyard are worth talking about.


You are the best!
I know that you are addicted to this intel stuff, but thanks for all of the hard work.


Looking at the IR someposted in the ia thread did this already burn into one of the neighboring fires


I believe you are seeing type 2 requests due to the fact that is the majority of the equipment available in that geographic area, between Siskiyou and Lassen


And not to mention, easier to staff. 4/0 puts a strain on smaller departments


I went to bed wondering how the Sugarloaf radio site would fair. The last reading on the Sugarloaf RAWS was ESE 5G12. At least it would be flanking fire.

Now, if we are to believe MODIS/VIIRS hits, this thing took that ESE wind and ran. There’s a lot going on in the IR/MODIS/VIIRS combo below. What blew outside the IR on the Hirz fire? (it’s a firing op) The heat over in the east fork of the Trinity River? As pyrogeography mentioned, three of those hits are really low confidence, and one is 85% confidence level so take that as is.


It’s a firing operation trying to cut the head off on the east side


Thanks! Good to know there’s already good fire on the ground. Forgot there’s already established crews and resources on the Hirz that can just turn around and take care of business so fast in an IA period.


What does the ROSS order look like this AM?


Can I get a confirmation on command frequencies for Delta? Are they on the Hirz NIFC commands now and using the double letter Divisions? I want to make sure I “steer” the live scanner appropriately. I’ll be away from the area and radios for the next 4 days so if anything changes in command radio, please message me and I can remotely program the radio as needed.

I know my scanner requires an mp3 streamer like iTunes on desktop or the free VLC Player on mobile so it isn’t as friendly. The Siskiyou Broadcastify scanner was carrying the Hirz command freqs earlier and I think they still are. If so, they’ll be the go-to source as this thing moves deeper northwest.


No real change for equipment request than from last nights request…5 T2 ST’s


Anyone have the frequencies for this fire? In particular, I’m looking for the aircraft freqs.


On larger incidents a resource order is offten done over the phone. I can’t say if this is the case. They could still be gathering data on the ics 215 or 201 if they still use these, placing an order that would most in likley fit the need rather than over or under ordering. Seems that they would have made a SWAG and got something coming.


Here is what the Aircraft ROSS order is showing

Air to Air FM- 162.1625 - M (162.1625 - M) (ID-FCK)
Air to Air AM- 123.7250 - A (FAA) (123.7250 - A) (ID-FCK)
Air to Ground FM–164.7750 - A (164.7750 - A) (ID-FCK)
Tactical GND TACTICAL FM -168.0500 - G (168.0500 - G) (ID-FCK)
Tactical GND TACTICAL FM -166.7750 - G (166.7750 - G) (ID-FCK)
Tactical GND TACTICAL FM -168.2500 - B (168.2500 - B ) (ID-FCK)


The Hirz fire was no doubt beginning to do some demob and since the Hirz team is taking over the Delta fire also, my guess is they “relocated” a bunch of resources on IA. Ordering will certainly also ramp up today since this one got so big.


Update…4ea T3 ST’s and 4ea Lima STs- Immediate Need and big overhead order just hit the request page, looks like they are putting their hand on the big red lever


Air tactics just ordered 5 LATS and 3 VLATS over the delta