CA-SHF Delta??



I was in town in Redding looked north and thought the HIRZ was eating something

Unfortunately I was wrong .
…it IS GETTING it!:-1:


Yep, This is all your area needs. Hopefully they can jump on this thing.


Civilians being evacuated from vehicles on I-5.


Perspective of the blows that keep coming to the north for those unfamiliar… The delta inc. is about 5 air miles NE of Carr’s northern edge, and 5 air miles NW of the HIRZ.


Well, all sorts of contingency line was put in for both, might be a “good stroke”to start looking at using it…


SRA or all FRA?


Kcrc TV redding has some pictures posted already getting it with a vengeance.


Same place as where you asked before and maps were posted. Hodgepodge checkerboard. Scattered structures


CA IMT5 Young on order from the Hirz


On the east side of the river, a mix of private land and Fed land. All of it is FRA, but this will be a huge threat to private timber, as well as the communities of Sweet Briar, Soda Creek, Dog Creek and Castella. Dunsmuir could be in its sights…
The west side is mostly all FRA, not sure what hapoens when it gets the CC- it is a state park.


Did you hear the divert of 3 tankers to the “Bailey” incident ? Traffic was scratchy so didnt hear much else


Some S-2’s and copters were diverted to the SKU-Bailey fire on Bailey Hill Road north of Hornbrook a while ago. They’ve been released and returned.


Based on the width of the column and the satellite heat signature, I wouldn’t be surprised if it runs 15 miles in this burning period. With the exception of Castle Crags, the West side of the Canyon has scattered clearcuts and young stands that are highly receptive to spots, all the way to Mount Shasta City. Heads up, Dunsmuir and Mt. Shasta!


There is a dry line and associated upper level disturbance sitting on top the area. Fires like vertical lift and an unstable atmosphere just like thunderstorms


Has anyone heard of an order list of resources?


The cumulus build up reached an altitude of 40,000 ft today, weather over the last 3 days has reached over 100 degrees in the valley bottom and single digit RH’s. The PIG for today was 90-100 in unshaded fuels with a FDFM of only 3%…it didn’t take much for this thing to come to life


The only I’m seeing is ROSS as of now is 5 pending immediate need T2 strike teams…which I find odd…could be a typo…

Delta.pdf (169.6 KB)


I am a little south of you, I thought we would get a call to our mutual aid coordinator. I am sure it will come in at 02:00 like always.


At least 0200 if not later :slight_smile:


OES engines are technically Type 2, other than their obvious Type 3 engines. Not sure how they’re typed in ROSS.