CA-SHF Delta??


I am aware of how ordering goes. I am just a little surprised an order hasn’t come out of our county yet.


If any resources or civians traveling
hwy 299 as alternate to I-5 north

HWY 299 now blocked by tc involving Big rig, blocking both lanes, tow eta 2 hrs.


Folks … Do Not use SR#3 as an Alt to I-5. Hwy#3 over Scott Mt to Siskiyou County is a Narrow…Winding…STEEP Road. A Big Rig got stuck on a curve last night and closed the road for several hours until they could get it removed…If you are driving an RV or pulling a trailer do not travel this road.


Will the Delta Fire be in unified command with a CalFire team?


Woke up wondering if I slept through your phone call for the OES…couldn’t believe it


Operations was having conversation with fobs/or DIVS on the SW corner

" There’s really nowhere to turn north going direct. Looks like the Carr contingency line will be the plan"

That will be continuous black from the SW corner of the Carr (igo) to the NE corner of the Hirz( nearly SKU).

chew on that for a moment


wow! that’s a BIG box…


Ricemanff, you get a call yet?


Today’s spot weather forecast (from 1100hrs):

Sky/weather…Clear. Hazy and smokey.
Min temperature…59-64.
Max humidity…44-48 percent.
Wind (20 ft)…
Slope/valley…South winds up to 8 mph in the evening becoming
north around 6 mph after 6 pm.
Ridgetop…Light winds.
Mixing height…4500-6000 ft AGL decreasing to 100-400 ft AGL by
8 pm in the evening.
Transport winds…Southeast less than 5 mph.
CWR…0 percent.


Sky/weather…Mostly sunny. Hazy and smokey.
Max temperature…89-95.
Min humidity…8-13 percent.
Wind (20 ft)…
Slope/valley…Northeast winds up to 6 mph in the morning
becoming south after noon around 11 mph.
Ridgetop…Southeast around 11 mph.
Mixing height…100-400 ft AGL increasing to 6500-7500 ft AGL.
Transport winds…East southeast around 8 mph.
CWR…0 percent.

You can check for these daily here:

Also of interest is the Forecast Discussion from NWS in Sacramento:

Similar 850 mbs temps and slight amplification of the Ern Pac ridge
forecast on Fri over Norcal ahead of a digging NErn Pac trof. Delta
Breeze should strengthen again Fri evening, but likely after max
heating. Thus, warmer temps in store for Norcal on Fri followed by
slight cooling into the weekend. The trof will basically be shunted
Nwd and into/across the Pac NW Fri nite/Sat by the stronger 597 dam
Ern Pac High. Increased confluent flow between these two systems
should increase the mid level winds Fri nite with the 700-500 mbs
winds forecast to increase to 35 kts across the North State to 25
kts south of of Hwy 50. This could result in some locally gusty W/SW
wind gusts over interior Norcal mountain ridges during this time.
The winds then decrease during the day on Sat. This will be a dry
trof with dry/subsiding air behind the trof working inland and over
the Coastal Range on Sat.

In the wake of the trof, a modest Nly barrier jet (about 20 kts or
so) is forecast to work down the W side of the Sac Vly Fri nite into
Sat morning limiting RH recovery in this area, and weakening the
Delta Breeze. This could also spread some smoke, from the current
WFs over the North State, to the south, especially on the W side of
the Sac Vly. Looks as if this will be a CAA Nly wind bringing a few
degrees of cooling to most of our CWA on Sat as 850 mbs temps cool
slightly. Persistent temps in the Delta influenced areas, or just
slight warming elsewhere forecast for Sun under the WNW flow aloft
from a colder/deeper NErn Pac low

So basically, a frontal passage Friday night with significant change in wind direction - fire that runs to the NE under the initial SW push could open up a bunch of flank on the SE of the fire that could become the head of the fire once the flow changes to WNW after the front passes - classic setup for large fire growth.


Thanks for the data. That 8% has me nervous, especially after we got an increasing onshore wind this afternoon on the coast. Let’s hope the convective energy doesn’t develop.


Nope, they have some of our single resources but nothing yet. I’m on a 4 day but surprised nothing yet.


Solano Xso 2350C forming up immediate need


XAL OES 2870/C sent immediate need.


XYO 4280C Sent Immediate Need


CNT 2310C deployed immediate need.


On our way 2870C!


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We’re down on the south end of Region 1. Could be a while before a request comes our way. We have an OES Type 1.


Does anyone have the link to the IAP folders for this incident?


With it being a fed fire there won’t be an IAP post through the FTP site.