CA-SHF Delta??


The Fed’s do not post IAP links. They consider some of the information private due to names and phone numbers.


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CIIMT 4 Kurth has been ordered. In brief tomorrow. Shadow Sunday. Take the fire 06:00 Monday.


Very interesting to see the amount of LG and OES heading to this fire, and the lack of CF units logging in. Hmmmmmmm. I’ll play devils advocate, either they are not being ordered, or they just don’t post here on this thread like they do for other threads. Hmmmmmmm


Lots of red trucks at the ICP in McCloud


Thanks for the pic. I know it was a bit “interesting” at the HIRZ. Glad to see that it doesn’t matter the color of the equipment that comes to put a fire out. Maybe the times are a changing. Be safe one and all.


Times are not changing. No one wants to say it- but things are not great. There is a lot of tension and snide comments made towards each other. Perhaps we can all just agree that it will not ever change…

Is there even 1 % containment on the Delta Fire??


Resources assigned by agency:


Remember, 209’s are not very accurate at the beginning of a fire. I’m sure they will get it more accurate for equipment numbers in a few days. This shows no (c&l) local government, but I know there’s atleast 10 lg strike teams assigned.


Anyone have any info on resource orders pending/placed?


Rumor of a dozen additional golfs being assigned, bringing the total to 20


“we’re all in this together. Im pullin for ya”
Red Green
With fire season still a ways from being over and everyone pooped out, tolerance gets stretched thin.
There has always been a few folks that need to just take a big Shut Up and do the job assigned. Quit bitchin and get along. From Mr Greenjeans to privt’s to the Red Heard and Local Gov folks. Let all try and get through this season safely. Not beating on you Norcal74. You were just the messenger.


Maybe a catagory for rants and raves. Discussion and exchange are always good. But leave the whining, drama, and innuendo to day time television writers.


Not whining, no innuendo or drama. No shots taken at one side or another- just stating the facts. If you are not impacted by it- then I guess it is not an issue for you- but for those who are- it is impactful. If you do not like the conversation in the "discussion " section- then choose not to read it.


Agreed, denial doesn’t remove its existence.


We have to remember we’re all human and love, enjoy the job no matter what color pants we wear. The people on the ground what makes this profession worth the growing pains. We have great field personnel on both sides. Sometimes the political tape gets in the way. So with that have FUN , be safe so we can get on with our family life. Because in the end we’re all just a number to any agency we work for. The big machine will keep on turning.


As a SITL that does the 209s I/we have noticed that ROSS automatically places all resources from CA in CA column for I Suite 209 count. Even if it’s County or Local which complicates the count. We try to make it is accurate as we can.


Nothing personal. Frankly was not even sure who was saying what. Just hate to see this forum get too Facebookie. But your right, that is what this section is for. Its just that a lot of the actual fire intel stuff we go onto this site for has been listed in this category. Fire service has been this way for the 27 years Ive been in it. It has its up years, and its down years. And I have complained and bitched with the best of them… Those that know me will attest lol


I know, that’s why I was saying that it usually takes a little time and coordination to get things correct. I was not saying that it was due to anyone not doing their job. I hope it didn’t come accross that way. 209 numbers take a lot of effort to get accurate and there is usually higher priorities the first few days. Since people were posting about numbers of apparatus for different agencies, I just wanted them to know that you can’t take the numbers on the 209, 24 hours into the incident, as gospel.


Any word on resources being ordered up? How many type 3 strike teams are on request?