CA-SHF Delta??


Do you know which area or division had the new starts?


The TCU, BTU, and LNU all have new starts…info just starting to hit the Intel page


Which CalFire team is going?


Looks like CalFIRE Team 1 is up (Gouvea).


Team 6 is on hard cover and 5 is next.


Ive been watching and listening and reading the posts on this newer website. You guys start to bash government agencies. Weather its feds,state or local government. Ive worked for the state. Local government for 31 years. Everyone wants to do a good job. This forum i thought was for the facts and information not agency bashing. State the facts and provide information not your opinion.
31 year veteran of the California fire service.


Unsure if a team is being activated, just know there going unified


I know you guys hate when people ask this, but does anyone know if there’s any pending type 3 strike teams on order?


Looks like there are 2 pending, but they have been reserved for OES and Cal Fire…meaning they are in the process of filling the orders, just trying to rally up the resources that they will be sending


Just wanted to say ‘thank you’ to Baldy for being the go-to guy on ROSS stuff.


I agree, NICE JOB! Keeping us informed.


Looks like only 1 T3 ST is still pending, but if you have a stake-side, they’re looking for 10 of em :grinning:


How about a wagon with side boards !!! LOL
Do you have anyway of seeing which fire our local govt strike team was sent to this morning ? Santa Cruz County…XCZ-2328C…Ive been retired for 8+ years but still keep an eye on them !!


It looks like your boys are at the Snell Incident.


Based on today’s ops map, the North end of the incident

My interpretation of things, on the I-5 corridor, west of the hwy, 3.5 miles of open ground needs to be secured,and close to 5 miles on the east side needs securing:;
BEFORE I-5 could actually be opened.

I won’t call it speculation, but a educated evaluation.

Any boots have info/thoughts.


Don’t know what the fire is doing today, but on the IR from last night at 21:00, there wasn’t any new spread farther North within about 1.5 miles of the freeway in the previous 20 hours. The fire continues to spread North above that point (about 3,000’ elevation), though. Freeway is at 1,500’ elevation… This map is IR from last night at 21:00. The light blue line on this map is IR from the night before last.


Understand on spread. But op map shows proposed lines, and one aleady has fire on the ground(spot from 48hrs ago that looks like they are just keeping check on) Ridgeline north of Shotgun crk.(“50 ft wide completed”). So now it has( doesn’t HAVE to be, but logically) brought down to the fwy to tie in.?


bunch of them down south…


Is the fire waking up yet today? Or not so much?


You’re right.