CA-SHF Delta??


Thanks for all the great info, and insight.


I work in Santa Cruz. I think they sent a Scott’s valley engine b40, aptos central and maybe a Santa Cruz engine


XCZ strike team went to the Snell Fire.


As of 0830, I-5 is reopen with restrictions.


Thank you for the maps @pyrogeography

This Lil guy looks like it can make a mess when it does a slope reversal. It is at the mouth and confluence of several sizeable drainages running south( but runs directly in Carr fire control edge)


That slop is also what is keeping the radio techs for Sugarloaf radio site from sleeping. Sugarloaf is pretty significant for state, fed, local govt, FAA, Union Pacific RR, and others for the area and the Sac River Canyon. It’s situated to get valley radio and shoot it up the canyon to the base of Mt. Shasta.


Crews working 12s or 24s?


Standard agency configurations.


Today’s operations map looks A LOT different than yesterday’s with new Zones, Branches, and Divs. Probably a dumb question, but can you professionals provide some insight on what the thinking/planning is here?


I would expect that this is coordinating the move between the fires and keeping the span of control within accepted limits.


New team in place ???
Happens often with a new team.


More than just a new team, the Delta Fire entered United Command with CAL FIRE at 0600 hours. Changes are made through collaboration with new agencies involved.


As dbrown stated it partially has to do with the span of control but also because transportation times are extremely long, depending on equipment type 2-5 hours, to get to the west side of the fire from the McCloud ICP, opening a second camp in the Trinity and zoning the fire will help tremendously in the logistics of the incident.


For example:

  • There are now WEST and EAST Zones
  • Branch VIII and Branch IX were added
  • Numerous new Divisions were added further away from current perimeter, and some were moved to different areas of the fire.


Looks like it got pretty active on 3 sides about 1500 after the inversion broke.
GOES 16 Animation link.


Animated Smoke from today blow up


There are rumours Delta fire will wrap around Craggs and get down into Shasta and Weed communities. I know there are no fail proof predictions, but what are your thoughts on This? I m a former fire fighter, not in panic mode.


Knowing that terrain pretty well, doubt that scenario. There’s no real way to go around the Crags. It’s part of a long exposed granite ridge line. It’ll go into terrain much more favorable to attack way before then. While nothing is certain, I see other scenarios playing out well before that option.


Two days ago sent crews to brush around repeater. Should be good.


They way this fire season has gone, I don’t think it’s possible to predict or rule out ANYTHING! :slight_smile: