CA-SHU-Carr ????


Big firing operations overnight on the North end of the fire.
IR from NIROPS, captured about midnight last night.
Dynamic map at:


Sorry if I missed it, is that considered part of the Carr fire out near the McCloud River inlet, 5 miles to the east of I5 and Lakehead? It’s getting hot today.


No it is not that would be the SHF-Hirz incident


It is for training and there is a county line road. As the green sheet for dozer rollover just came out


Fun fact for the day. The Carr fire has enough hose on the ground to go from Anderson to San Francisco.


Whaaaa?!? Over 1,000,000 feet?!? Are you sure it’s all still in place or that some hasn’t been moved to other locations by now, making it possibly accounted for 2x?


I’m sure some of it has been backhauled but one of the guys in supply told me that when we were coming off the line. Just thought it was interesting.


9160C has put in over 70,000 ft alone


ok. 1,082,400’ minus 70,000’ means only 1,012,400 left to account for… ready go! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
I wasn’t trying to be a d***, it’s just me.
But when talking numbers… we’ll, I guess I’m a numbers guy :thinking: Sorry bout that.


Readers digest version of “vortex” event with 3 very eye opening video clips validating the incident(s)

Media summary from factual report

Sac Bee


This mornings briefing it was stated at last count there was 1.4 MILLION FEET of hose on the ground in the Carr.


DaaaaayUM! 1,400,000 feet!
I was 100% wrong! ok, 1,400,000% wrong!


Something those with 1 year or 30 years on the job should read.

Compliments to the SF Chronicle ,author, research folks… And all involved on/ in the incident.

SF Chronicle 2018


Thanks for sharing…WOW…