CA-SHU-Carr ????


From Copley Mountain OHV looking NE


7th fatality on the Carr Fire.


From the Trinity Journal on the current power outage

This latest TPUD power outage was caused by a fire retardant drop that caused the Western Area Power Administration’s 60 kV line that runs along the east side of Lewiston Lake to flash over, TPUD Electric Superintendent Andy Lethbridge said. The fire got close to Westerns 230 and 60 kV lines and firefighters were trying to protect them but the retardant was dropped on the line. Operators are working to bring the system back up. If it tests well and holds, power could be restored in a couple of hours, Lethbridge said. If not, then the retardant will need to be washed from the insulators and wires and the outage could be 10-12 hours.


Aug 5, 10:30 am
Lewiston Fire Chief Mel Deardorff’s report:

Yesterday, Saturday and Saturday night, were extremely pivotal times on the fire lines. Lines were reinforced all during the day with all kinds of fire equipment, including a 747 Aerial tanker. At this time, I believe that the worst is behind us and that Lewiston has escaped the wrath of this fire.
However, we firefighters cannot let our guard down and we still need to babysit this fire to be sure that it does not rear its ugly head here again.
Firefighters from my old agency, San Ramon Valley Fire Protection District, showed up here in Lewiston. They were happy to become part of the action against this fire and to help save our community. And, having said all that, I beg for your patience, while we continue to clean this up here. We still have a lot of fire equipment around Lewiston that needs to get reassigned during the next few days to other areas of Trinity and Shasta counties where the fire is still burning. Hopefully, you will be back in your homes soon. Be safe and thanks for your continued support.

Law enforcement continues to be prevalent in Lewiston and anyone found driving/walking around will be stopped and questioned. Again, Lewiston is still under mandatory evacuation. If you are still here, you need to remain on your property.


Updated IR maps at - pan North for Carr. Around 9pm last night.
Looks like a firing show is getting started out to the North, and also on the West side. Still steady growth on SW and NE flanks. It sure has a lot of steep country to run thru to the North…


My son has worked the north east the last week. Canyon winds and rolling logs have been keeping them busy.


Aug 6, 8:30 pm Carr Fire
From Lewiston Fire Chief Mel Deardorff: This incident is a long way from being over. There is one arm heading northeast from Trinity Lake; one heading southwest from the Grass Valley Creek Reservoir (south of 299). The only active fire I can see is over by the Grass Valley Creek reservoir area. There was quite a bit of smoke generated around 6 pm. But, it was not coming from Lewiston. Fire fighters are located by all of these active fire areas and there are less strike teams in Lewiston today than over the weekend. This fire is being managed by CalFire and the local fire departments’ roles are as ‘cooperators’.

Katie and I are mostly concerned for all of you who are evacuated, especially those of you in shelters or less than comfortable circumstances. While I have been pushing for a quicker repopulation, it is not within my authority to make that decision. We realize that many of you are just plain miserable and I have to say that we are so saddened by that. For those you who are evacuated, please know that you are in our thoughts every day and that we are praying for a quicker resolution to this evacuation. While that may not be much comfort, we hope that you find some way to make this unprecedented event more of a plus than a minus. That may sound easy coming from two of us who stayed behind. You have a much more difficult role than we do. If there are ways that we can help when you do get back, please reach out.


From Katie Quinn

One thing that I noticed today while driving to the fire station to serve meals, is that the deer are everyway on the roads! They have not seen many cars for a week, so when you do come home, please watch out for all the deer and fawns everywhere. We don’t want you having an accident. Mel and I are committed to help make your transition back home as good as we can. If there are things you need, please let us know. And, for those who stayed behind or did not have as rough a time as some of our evacuees, please contact me and let me know if you can help. Or, reach out to your neighbors and friends and help them. We are a community that needs to help one another, in any way that we can. Every one has something to offer.

Also, I am going to start doing two Lewiston Happenings a day instead of three. I will skip tomorrow morning unless something just has to be said, and will get back to you early afternoon. God Bless.


Just curious if anyone has any insight why a Federal IMT has not been assigned to the Carr Fire since a lot of it is now in the Shasta-Trinity N.F. Seems a little odd that it has not at least been zoned between SRA and FRA. Thoughts/Opinions?


They are in Unified Command with USFS and have been maintaining Cost Apportioning records. I can say from being in camp, there’s a good working relationship at the upper levels. My best “guess” from the bottom looking up is they will keep it going as is rather than setting up a whole new system.


Also with resources being thin to pull together another IMT would have an impact on resources if something else happens to break. If it isn’t broken don’t fix’t it.


Please provide a link if you are posting about any injury or accident reported by an official media outlet.

It appears a firefighter assigned to the Carr fire died while traveling to/from the incident. Sad news.


What the others said, plus it was unified with Whiskeytown NPS from day one, and currently believe it or not, the two southern “heads” are still in SRA, and the bulk of the northern head is also SRA, with only the current firing ops off Backbone ridge being Federal DPA it appears.


More sad news…


I copy all that and agree with it, just seemed to be a bit unusual but then again there has been other usual about this season yet.


So are the heat detections that appear as spots north of the Carr the burn out ops in Branch IV?


Yes, the burnout line goes all the way to Little Sugar Loaf creek. Down by the lake there is good depth in some areas—about 200 feet. The aerial ignition portion was postponed due to poor visibility.


Copy. Nice to see them gaining some grounds.


Aug 10 IAP
Does anyone else find the inclusion of the M4a file unsettling?
Is it a new accident or from a previous incident?


Used for training or as an example, not an IWI on this fire.

EDIT: there is rumor on the incident that this may be a valid IWI on the Carr. However there is no County Road 1, Div R, or DP1 on the Carr.


Thank you, been too many of these this season!