Today’s ops map:


New article this morning on Wildfire Today:


Good progress made in DIV V yesterday. Tied the edge into Copco Rd. All crews worked hard to black out this piece of the line.


Div V into U


AA just requested 9 air tankers (6 type 1’s and 3 VLAT’s). Not sure which division of the fire they’re headed to.


Where can I listen to this incident ?




Division U


Actually the tankers were dropped in Div Tango. Yesterday the 8th, the tankers dropped in Uniform–the first drop of the 747 I believe.

The fire broke thru the retardant in both Uniform and Tango this evening, and tankers were cancelled due to strong wind and turbulence. Some helos stayed and some left early back to helibase due to wind. It was 35-40 kts up in Div Tango around 19:30, hopefully it will hold overnight.


Mad River IHC demobed this mornin.


They did great work out here. DIVS S


Suspect arrested for KLAMATHON