Siskiyou Reload Base opened late last evening and is hot-loading the S2T’s today. Amazing turn around time on that. The bulk of the LATs are loading out of Klamath. T914 was assigned, made a drop, and is loading and fueling at Medford for a divert to Cleveland NF for CA-CNF-West.

Edit: T911 committed as well to a drop over Klamathon, then back to KMCC for reload then diverted to CA-CNF-West


VLAT Off MFR about 5 ago.


VLATs T914 stayed with the Klamathon, T911 took the divert to San Diego.

  • Caltrans WX Anderson Grade (7mi south of fire) showing 15% RH now, SE winds 7G15mph.
  • Siskiyou County Airport just south of fire showing south winds 19G24kts.
  • ODOT Siskiyou Summit (north of fire) showing NE winds 4G11mph and RH38%


Looking from Yreka Fairgrounds.


Press conference planned tonight at 6PM


ops map from the press conference, modis has this thing almost to Oregon though


9600 acres 5% contained per Cal Fire FB


16,000 acres per the recent perimeter map flown by the cobra


Thanks for the info. With as much private property at risk and the evacuations, I would think there would be some sharing with the public as far as fire maps go.

I’m particularly interested in the movement of the south end of the west flank at the base of cottonwood peak.


(Looking northerly) Things were picking up as the sun set.


OES 4802C from XSA and many others emergency demob from the County fire leaving now for 0700 brief…were on our way


Here’s a link:


21,803 acres and 5% containment are the current numbers.


Thank you! This is a great place for info.


Someone needs to let Calfire know that their evacuation orders reference Yreka Western Railroad. That is not right and will confuse people.

The railroad that runs through that area is the Central Oregon & Pacific Railroad.


Facebook post about the team inbriefing:

Edit: worth a read.



Lots of hard work out there today by the firefighters. The fire bumped Copco Road and the Klamath River from Iron Gate Lake to Ager Road. They were able to keep it from jumping the river, so they should be able to button up that section of line and mitigate most of the structure threat on the southeast side. Not sure what the criteria for “containment” is, but I imagine that number will go up quite a bit over the next day or so. The fire continued to burn actively in the Camp Creek area this evening. Winds were lighter than they had been the past two evenings, but still challenging.


From ONCC @ 0715 Today: CA-SKU Klamathon Fire: 30,500 acres grass, brush, timber, 25% contained. Extreme fire behavior and short range spotting was observed over night. Continued evacuations for communities of Hornbrook, Hilt, Colestin, Irongate Estates and the Klamath River County Estates. Damage assessment is ongoing.


Some more local news articles with good information: