State ID: CA
3 letter designator: TGU
Fire name: Sun
Location: Highway 36 and Sunriver drive
Reported acres:300-400
Rate of spread: UNK
Report on Conditions: 2 fires, one 250-300 the easterly one is 150 acres. Shutting down highway 36, to CHP escorted traffic only.
Structure threat: unk
Radio channels:
Scanner link:
Webcam link:
Agency Website:


7 airtankers and 3 copters


4 S-2s and 2 LATs on the fire now. 85, 89, 93, 95, 102 & ?. I am unsure if the second LAT was filled.


2 type 1 copters were ordered, and are almost at scene.


Lead plane and VLAT on order.


Sending an immediate need strike team to form up at Division M, intersection of Hogsback and Volcano


Rough fire map - just got back in from the fire. Sketch of fire as of 1600

Very fast fire when it got into the flats in the grass. It’s hitting the salt creek canyon hard just north of Hogsback


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700 acres per the news


If you look at the map I posted, you’ll see the two fires and where the finger of the upper eastern fire is working west. They plan on having those two burn together, but hope to keep it above Tuscan Springs Road, with Hogsback Rd as a backup. It’s all flat grass down there. The lower western fire hit the creek and Hogsback Rd and held there to the south.

Going to be setting up protection at the Microwave tower on top of Hogsback Road (old ATT longlines site that has some cell and FM broadcast on it now.) A few homes just east of this too. Still holding at the Salt Creek canyon but pushing hard into it. Not sure what it’s doing on the far east side.

And toning out a new start I5 north of Red Bluff at the rest area…sigh (1/4 acre should be fast, sun air attack hit it fast along with strike teams traveling through the area)


News reporting 2500 acres. 30%


IC just advised the Fire is 3,848 acres. I assume it must have been mapped.


Fire has held to the north of Salt Creek so far. Very gnarly country back in there with a lot of hiking in and elevated long hose lays (with subsequent pumping gremlins.) Fire is held up on the bulk of the north rim of salt creek canyon (eastern/left flank of fire, most remote access), with a good north wind all night and this morning sending decent smoke south. I’m not sure how much got into the canyon itself but it hasn’t burned in 30+ years.

C205 on it this morning with a T1 copter on order for the day (Siller’s S64).


1600: After quite a bit of protesting this morning, this one finally stopped smoking at 3889 acres this afternoon, other than a few very isolated puffs in the salt creek canyon. Good stop. While the green irrigation would have eventually stopped it down in the flats, there would have been quite a few head of cattle lost along with more ranch and home buildings threatened with the bulk of resources still committed up near the heel.

Ironically, one of Red Bluff’s T3 engines is caught on Google Sat View running progressive hose lay drill up to the microwave tower they were setting up for structure protection yesterday along with VLAT and LAT drops. There’s a USGS seismograph (station LTC) right near the end of their hoselay that I would jump on as a kid in the early 90’s riding my bike up there exploring. It’s why we can’t have nice things.