25000 Woolsey canyon road, In the Bell Canyon Area
LAC has the scoopers and 3 firehawks, and their contract skycrane on it.


Ordering 2 type 3 strike teams for this incident


Nothing official on size, but the column is getting much bigger on this fire.


Approximately 600 acres


This looks to be a VNC incident as well.


It began as a LAC incident but direction will certainly place it into VNC. It is currently being run as LAC.


It started very near the county line. VNC was very busy with the Hill fire. LAC took control of Woodley , VNC was only able to send 2 engines to this fire.


CalFire is calling this a VNC fire.


The fire is moving into Bell Canyon area with an immediate structure threat. IC moving engines into this area for structure defense.


IC now estimating Oak Park will be impacted in 1 hour to 90 minutes due to increasing winds w/ gusts of 40-50mph. 5 additional engine strike teams requested to Fire Station 36.


Fire is making run towards Oak Park and Bridal Path in Simi Valley. Fire activity continues to increase with this fire.


IC just ordered 10 additional Strike Teams. Out of resources in Oak Park. Structures being impacted by fire.


At least 4 homes lost on Wembley Ct


Reports of people trapped on Hollytree Dr


It’s starting to go house to house on ABC7.


ABC 7 showing multiple structures involved in Oak Park.


New box: Valley Circle on the east, 118 to north, 101 on the south, Highway 23 to the west.


LACounty looking at expanding their box past the 101 down to Mulholland east of Las Virgenes


IA thread created


Fire has crossed the 101