Anyone have access to a fire perimeter map?


Does anybody know if 1240 Dumaine Ave oak park was impacted? Much appreciated for the info


Haven’t seen an updated perimeter but this site is pretty good for giving you an idea. Lots of layers and settings you can work with.


Much appreciated


response to SmokeyPack
LACoFD is in joint command with Ventura FD. Both have had a lot of experience with this type and size of fire. That being said, I do agree that a team would be the better way to go. Lets see what happens.


OES Wt 22 from Vacaville enroute


Any pending type 3 S/T request


From a Logistical stand point with that many resources being assigned. YES a team would be nice. I’ve always thought that is the main reason for team activations.


LACoFD has 3 Type 1 teams available to them everyday. All they would have to do is incorporate CF, VNC, LFD, along with LASO, VCSO, and LAPD and there is your team. A “SUPER” Team that is already there in unified command now and are already working together.


Any IAP online for this fire?



Anybody know if Vista Point neighborhood in Calabasas has any structure loss?


Any updates?


Thank you very much


does anyone have a qr code for woolsey fire maps?
We have family living in Topanga Canyon. Looking for info.


Here’s the folder on the ftp site for today’s maps:!2018_Incidents/CA-LAC-338981_Woolsey/GIS/Products/20181111/


Thank You very much


Sure thing. Here, I downloaded the IR and put in on Google maps just for kicks:


Thank you. Family’s home is in an chimney island at the moment. Not looking good.


is there an IAP at the ftp site?