There is no iap at the ftp site but the CalFire Team box account has all the products.


Thank you!


Getting very strong winds at the icp. Sants anas are full swing and the dragon is awake and in full force


Wolsey Ops just called for additional immediate evacuation to the area West of Valley Circle x North of Bell Canyon x South of Stagg Street due to renewed flareup in that area.


Think this link showed up much earlier, will need to scroll to LA area.

RAWS stations showing high winds

Its been quite on the Malibu command, just a few small spot fires being picked up.


What is triggering the Calabasas evacuation? It appears that the main active part of the fire is well south by 3 or 4 miles. Is there a flare up, or an expected onshore push?


I think they are trying to prevent what is going on/happened in Paradise (casualty wise)… Santa Ana winds are posing a problem last I checked.


Correct, which should be pushing the fire away from Calabasas unless they are expecting a wind shift.


I don’t think there will be a wind shift tomorrow, but the Santa Ana’s ,are supposed to increase in velocity in the morning. There are plenty of areas where the fire hung up and didn’t burn clean to the roads and or homes, leaving plenty of room for spots to cook off with the higher winds predicted. Many of these areas are very steep and nearly impossible to extinguish where it hung up.