Anyone have updates on the hiring process for the FAE processs? How the new process is!


so, they have not exhausted the new list. They just finished making more Perm calls, so they should be making LT calls soon. There is rumor that they are going to fast track the recent test results to get the list out to start making offers off of it.

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Interesting… I’d figure they have too with the additional spots. How many spots does the state have open usually? I also heard it’s a whole new ranking system.


Anyone get FAE results yet? Email or mail? Heard that some ff got results but my crew didn’t get them yet.

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Did they have the new ranking system? Curious how it works out.


All my co-workers who took the test have yet to receive any results.

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I got a TAU offer for FAE/Paramedic. But haven’t got my results back yet.


I’m guessing that offer was from the old list?




That’s probably off the old FAE/medic list.

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On last years list Rank 7 no call yet. Heard they were in Rank 6. Calls were starting again in July from what I saw.

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Unless that old list tossed out now due to a new test.


Old list is not tossed yet. They need to score it, and rank all personnel that took it, and then notify everyone. Last year, it took them 3 months to do all that.


Emails were received today stating “Results would be released in September unless Department needs changed”.

After following up with several people, including the exams unit. The two weeks for test results spoken about at the test was done so in error. There are no plans to release the results prior to September. Furthermore, after asking further questions, was told “lists won’t be released till September for hiring in Jan 2020”

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Typical CAL FIRE hahahah


Typical state of California. :upside_down_face:

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Some LT Jobs from the old/current list were offered today!


More calls went out today. Partner got a perm offer. He’s in rank 6.

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More Perm Calls going out anyone else hear anything?


How do you know what rank you are after your app goes in? Can anyone that has been through the process please explain it to me