CALFIRE FAE/FF2 offers 2023

New topic for FAE and FF2 hiring for 2023 process. Offers began last week per job announcement. Academies will be starting in Jan 2023. Has anyone heard of someone getting a call yet?

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Fire Captain offers began last week. Once those are filled, the upward movement of offers will continue. Yesterday 2 FFA academies graduated (1 Ione, 1 Clark) The Clark academy was full of LT FF2 to keep trained folks in the pipe.

  • First 2 COA's will begin 1/9/2023 and continue for 7 weeks.
  • First 2 FFA will begin 1/9/2023 and continue for 7 weeks. 
    These FFA's feed into the next 1 COA's  beginning on 2/27/23

There are currently 7-week FFA & 1 4-week FFA and 10 COA on the training calendar Jan 8 - Sept 8.

Have your CPAT in hand and if you are hoping for a a FAE job, get your license in order.

Good Luck


Any idea if the Redding training center is ramping up to be used yet?

No talk of that.
However Clark is being prepared for COA classes once the new engines begin to arrive. Castle Training Center(former Castle AFB) is being used for all class but ECC, HFEO, and RBC. FFA will be taught at Castle hopefully by mid year and eventually the Ventura Training Center at Camarillo we teach FFA as well.


This is all I’ve seen regarding Redding

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Any new updates on this? Haven’t heard of any FAE job offers go out, but they said they were going to start calling last week 10/31/22 then it got delayed to last Monday 11/7/22 but still haven’t heard anyone getting hired. Maybe delayed again?

Heard today that offers haven’t started yet. Set to start next week now.


Still making FC offers I believe.
Yesterday the Announcement for the FC test came out (3rd time in 2022):flushed:

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Great badge giveaway. No quals no problem, No experience its ok.

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Yea heard there’s 300 positions and only 100 applicants on the list… wonder if they need to fill all the captain positions before they start hiring FAEs or if they will just proceed with the FAEs regardless

Is that the FC list your talking about? If it is that sure seems low. I imagine a few on the list still have to fulfill their JAC requirement. Do they even TAU captains positions anymore?

Yes they do. However the sheer number of JAC FAE’s that due to Covid or other reasons, have a JAC Flag and cannot promote.

This fiscal year has over 200 and I think close to 300 new FC positions (LT & Perm) on top of the 100 or so new FAE positions.

Couple that with retirements and attrition. You get what were currently have occurring.

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Copy, Wow that’s crazy. Who would of ever thought you would see this.

With the change to 3.11 persons per positions, every new “driver” position gets 3 funded positions. For example, Porterville Fire Center is funded for 4 crews. Each crew is
3 FC
40 FF

So that is 12 FC, 12 FAE, 160 FF for just the Fire Center.


CalCareers shows 256 on the FC list. More than the 100 stated above, but still far from the total needed and provides no depth to ensure only the most qualified and highest qualified people are hired.

It shows 2301 on the FAE list. The bottleneck will be COA, then another 3 years to complete JAC before they’ll be eligible for FC-not that 3 years as an FAE provides enough experience to be a competent FC, but that’s the state hiring process.

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And they want to have 8 crews at Rainbow…possibly more


When you say 100 new FAE positions, is that how many FAEs that are being hired for 2023? I heard the number was closer to 650-800 calls being made for hiring new FAEs

Those are BRAND NEW positions and do not include existing vacancies created by Atritation (promotion, retirement, dept change)

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Good luck with the “Logistics” of that🤣

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Was told FAE offers should be starting THIS Monday, supposedly