End of season


Has anyone heard of North ops will be doing first layoffs October 15th


Heard October but no date yet.


BLM NOD seasonal lay offs are Saturday.


Have you heard if it’s a first lay-off or a full layoff


First round. But this is NOT CONFIRMED.


This intel is sourcing from where?


November 9 for LPF


Every year there’s rumors. As always, don’t believe it until it happens. Less stress


It will be a last minute surprise that will catch everyone off guard… We can’t figure out that for thousands of years it starts to get hot in the Spring and rain in the Fall. What’s next, snow in the mountains this Winter?


weather continues (even due to politics) . we learn to take all weather as it comes no matter how good are weather forecasters are… and we have some really great ones. there is a lot of time left before anyone can say it is the end of fire season. Camp fire (nov 6) and many others at later dates are sure to occur. just enjoy the cool weather and pray for an early winter (sorry for crews still on). my compliments to the crews and their great work so far. and thanks to the great air support for them.


As soon as we get 2" of rain, last hired first fired…


Makes sense, considering the two most destructive fires in California history were October and November. :man_shrugging:t3::man_facepalming:t3:
Is that why those “late season” fires are so devastating, 1/2 the “summer hire” crews are already gone when they are actually needed?

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Negative. I can’t speak for the Feds but Cal Fire was still at peak staffing for the fires you’re talking about. Everything is weather dependent. If we get lots of rain we get laid off. SoCal still has wind events on the horizon and we are still busting fires in NorCal.


Weather makes sense. Just didn’t think a chill snap in September would makes for planned October cuts. But then again, the public does like to complain, so keeping too many employees on through a cool November may ruffle some folks.
Damned if you do, damned if you don’t.
Public servants can’t win.
I do appreciate all FF. :+1:t3::v:t3:


I remember a many a Christmas Day fires in Ventura county. LOL. yeah, the weather will dictate the seasonal stuff.


Saturday night on NIFC Tac 4 on the SHF-South incident… “It’s snowing!”

1-2" of white at 5700ft in Butte County, lost quite a bit today in the sun but a some still sticking around in the shadows. That won’t last long…


I’d wager the super-destructive late-season fires of the past two years would have been just as bad if you had 5 times as many firefighters. When the winds howl, there’s not much we can do until they subside, regardless of how many resources are available.


“Seasonal FF” a term some need to evaluate and a pay scale many need to get over.june/October is seasonal and promotion is NOT a necessity after 2 seasons.

It was a quiet year…I for one am tired of burning communities to the ground…second to the complaints of jobs/promotions followed closely by the endless discussions/ disgust of team activations on anything over 200 acres(50+ personnel on a “team”)

Park it… get over yourselves, don’t forget this is also a public information site,make some turns ( in the snow) and enjoy the time off… Some of us can never get it back.

Is this discussion REALLY Happening?


Well said Modcamo


You a full time employee? Modcamo?