FF1 offers /calls 2021

Has anyone got any calls or emails for Calfire for any category 2s?

That’s gunna be like mid season bro. They are barely calling returnees lol

With the exception of Nor-Cal the chance of getting into category 2 is very slim.

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I would be willing to wager exactly the opposite based on the Jan draft budget. The May revision is going to suprise A LOT of people.

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Gonna venture a guess that a lot of units will exhaust their entire eligible FF1 candidate hiring lists…

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Yea Myself and hundreds like myself got picked up as cat 2 in august.

You’re going to see a couple hundred Firefighter I’s get picked up this season for hand crews alone…stand by to stand by…


I agree. With the draw down in the camps don’t expect to be riding on an engine. Get those boots broke in. Crew time will give you skills you cant get as an engine slug and make you a valuable asset down the road in your career.


Has anyone heard of any calls going out for new hires

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Any day now. MVU, RRU, BDU, TUU has received authority to hire. There will be multiple hires over the course of the next few months…Expect this week or next for the first round…

Do you know by any chance if there picking up category 2 for the crews this round

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I would say there’s a good chance since some of those units need to hire in excess of 75 + new Firefighter I’s for crews.

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What I have heard is April 12 for a start date and then one or two weeks after that will be another round. Also heard there might be a lot of rehires migrating south as there aren’t going to be as many paid crews up north, but I’m not 100% sure about any of it


Has anybody received a job offer for FF1 ? Im in category 1 just seen if anyone has information

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Nope I don’t think they started calling yet

Ok thanks just saying cus i had the email of the reminder that says that job offers may occur march 19th ? Anybody get that email ? & hopefully its soon

Yeah I got it too. I went to the meet and greet at BDU on Saturday the captains there said calls start sometime this week or next week

Nice well hopefully we hear something soon

Is that go for BDU only or for the rest of the units as well ? Im in tulare county

I’m not sure if any other units will make calls at the same time.