FF2 offers/calls


Anyone hear anything on the 2 list from last years test?


Got a perm 2 call yesterday. Keep your phones close!


What rank were you?

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I am rank 3


Rank 5. Keepin my fingers crossed.


Congratulations brother.


Any clue how calls are being made? Heard perm offers already made down to Rank 5 but still folks in 2 and 3. Not sure how the process works anymore.


Rule of 3’s. They are allowed to make offers from anywhere in 3 ranks. So if they are in rank 3, they can grab anyone from ranks 3-5. There could be people still in ranks 1-2 but only cause they turned down offers. They also make offers on how they ranked each unit on their application.

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Thanks. I understand the Rule of Threes, but from folks I’ve talked to it’s still a mystery (or lottery) on how names are called. But thanks for the info.


Any updates on 2 positions?


Haven’t heard anything on the 2’s.


Anyone know when the next test will be for 2s?


Written Test score, written test score, written test score!
The application process can be cumbersome to say the least. Your years of service, resume, written test score all count towards your RANKING. For example veterans with 6mo as a seasonal who scored 71% on written is still in rank 1. But when they start offering jobs, they get offered to the top written score. So say they are hiring in ranks 1, 2, & 3. A person in rank 3 with a 95% written will get the offer before the vet in rank 1 with a 71%. So say now they are hiring out of ranks 3, 4, & 5, a person in rank 5 with a higher written score will get the call before a person in rank 3 with a lower written score. The AO’s no longer see a list of names to select from. They get a list of names, & numbers to call. Each AO has to do this for a week at a time for the state. Example, the AO in SKU is handed a list of 30 people for jobs in LNU, BTU, FKU, RRU, & MVU. They look at the scores and calling order and see if the people they are calling have selected any of those units as one of the top 3, then start making calls. The policy of “High Five, I5” is only used as a last resort. Heck even existing FF1’s who live in MMU & work in RRU have gotten calls to get closer to home with the new round of 4/0 staffing calls going out. Was told yesterday the Sch B FF 2 calls will happen next week as the emergency 4/0 calls was not planned for till last Tuesday


I think the test they have now is good till 2021


I got rank 5 this last test for FFII. A few months ago I got a letter saying I was disqualified because when I was ranking each unit I put two of the same numbers. Anybody know when the applications will open up again?


Pretty sure that someone with Veteran’s Preference, whatever their score, is in Rank 1. Now that hiring is centralized, its a crap shoot within the rank. INCLUDE A RESUME with your application. Yes, the Std. 678 is a “resume”, and it says its optional on the application. Have heard from numerous chiefs and at the dining hall at Ione (if you have to ask, don’t) that many an application was thrown out with out a resume. Without the supplemental, the only way to go to the top of the rank is a good resume (i.e. experience, certs and Politicking).

I don’t believe the 13 engines have even been delivered, only a month into the new fiscal year, so I don’t see staffing starting till they get them, prolly not till the new calendar year (2020). Not to mention the logistics of trying to put them thru FFA.

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Very easy for some units to use reserves and use a units newer engines (staffed w/OT funded out of the extra engine PCA) as a stand in until the units get their physical “new” engines and staff. It’s all dependent upon the politics and whether the powers that be want show they’ve staffed the engines.

If anyone in a unit that is getting these new engines could give any info it would answer some questions.


From a friend. Friend got offered Ff2 job at rank 3 now. But it was a LT offer in aeu which isn’t part of the 13 B engines state wide.


The type 3 engine in the new casino contact in AEU…


More calls went out today. Perm offer out of rank 3. Excited!