FF2 offers/calls


Anyone hear anything on the 2 list from last years test?


Got a perm 2 call yesterday. Keep your phones close!


What rank were you?

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I am rank 3


Rank 5. Keepin my fingers crossed.


Congratulations brother.


Any clue how calls are being made? Heard perm offers already made down to Rank 5 but still folks in 2 and 3. Not sure how the process works anymore.


Rule of 3’s. They are allowed to make offers from anywhere in 3 ranks. So if they are in rank 3, they can grab anyone from ranks 3-5. There could be people still in ranks 1-2 but only cause they turned down offers. They also make offers on how they ranked each unit on their application.

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Thanks. I understand the Rule of Threes, but from folks I’ve talked to it’s still a mystery (or lottery) on how names are called. But thanks for the info.