Log In Issues


I was unable to log in from my computer in Chrome. I am on internet explorer now and I was able to log in.
I have no problem with Google Chrome from a mobile device.


Interesting, I’m also using chrome and haven’t encountered this yet. After closing chrome and logging back in I had no issue. I’ll poke around and try to recreate the issue. Thank you!


I am good on my I phone but locked out on my Mac using Safari. I will try Firefox or Chrome.


We are about to restart the site to make some additions(it will be down for roughly 5 minutes). Let’s see if the restart resolves your issues.


Since we switched the domain, we did not clear out the auth tokens so it’s causing some issues. I gave fire_geographer instructions on how to clear the database of tokens if needed.


I still can’t login via Computer for some reason. It will be much easier to navigate and type once I get on my computer. I used to moderate from my phone on the other site but much prefer my laptop if I am home.


What is the login failure saying?


It only says unknown error in a Pink Banner right above the log in field. It worked
Fine yesterday before the URL change. Once LTP sent me the new URL I can only get it in via I phone.


Follow up here, a simple fix that will probably work is to clear your browser’s cache: https://support.google.com/accounts/answer/32050?co=GENIE.Platform%3DDesktop&hl=en


What is strange is that chrome will not even open the URL, Safari will but it won’t allow a
Log in with either of the names I set up. I am gone for a bit, I will try a computer re start and
Clear cookies and history. Thanks for the ideas. I can’t figure out it works on an I phone but not a Mac.:rage:


We made some adjustments this morning regarding the forum and it should overall be loading much faster. If you are still experiencing issues please let us know. Additionally there were some changes to the mobile site so it should be easier to navigate(no more overlapping header.)