North Ops Weather-2019


NWS AFD for Sacramento mentions possibility of elevated convection into the Foothills tonight. It is often the minor events that seem to cause us the biggest problems…


Got some frontal clouds and sun dogs this morning on Santa Cruz coastal area


Agreed…the surprise or underestimated storms seem to hit the hardest…ie 2008. The ‘ sure things’ seem to be the duds.

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This type of pattern seems to often focus on the valley and lower foothills and the eastern portions of SCU… will be interesting to see how it plays out over night…


Always a great DAILY synopsis broken down into knuckle-dragger lingo.

Speaks to the “disturbances”.

NOPS GACC daily webcast


Current RH at Los Banos 9% while in the foothills of MMU in the 20s


One of the few days a year the west wind (a la Altamont) doesn’t blow. And yes those days the humidity plummets. But once that marine influence shows up, the wind howls and the fire station opens up their bay doors and blows out the dust.

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I wonder if these Mets when they speak about firefighting resource availability for large fire potential take into consideration or know the true availability of firefighting resources. Not just those committed, moreover those never staffed this fire season due to lack of applicants.


They are co-located and essentially share space with the Intelligence Unit and Gacc managers. They are as aware as anyone of Type 1 and 2 crew status, IMT availability, smoke-jumper count and what air tankers are available or in region and where the VLAT/LAT are standing by. They aren’t overly concerned about the recent retiree that may not have gotten his/her updated red card by the local volunteer dept or delays in hiring due to govt shutdown and bureaucracy. In general they plan the party for those that RSVP.


Copy all that. It’s not the recent retiree they need to worry about. Listening to the video, they seem to factor resource availability, or at least they reference it in the video, into predictions.

So I guess the answer to the question is, no they don’t.

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Red flag today thru tomorrow evening


From the experts

Readers digest version


Looks like a decent sized storm. I’m sure staffing patterns will be inplace. Looks like NOPS is already pre pos equipment up north


Staffing pattern in SHU as well as a cover S/T

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Not a hold all… Crews, lookouts, dozers, ecc staff, divs,

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Looks like some activity already in SKU. Some lightning showing up, with some precip.Etna and Ft. Jones area.


Lightning map


been trying this site too


Tankers out of Redding Heading North.