Notification isses


Anyone else having issues with this app in regulars to notifications. I suddenly stopped getting them. Tried all the normal fix’s with no luck.


i have messaged mods. i cant get them to work either. im on android


I’ll look into this.
@7hills @fire_geographer


See if this helps gang. It was necessary to switch to desktop view while on Android mobile device, to get the necessary drop downs visible.

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ok thanks for that. I got under the hood and i have confirmed ive got notifications for IA for california. When i get to settings for Live notifications which i think maybe like same as push notifications it says its blocked in my browser.


I’ve used this app since it started with iOS. I’ve never had issues until about a week or two ago. Notifications quit working, but I didn’t change anything

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ok think i figured this out. This really isnt an app for android but an html website that has the look and feel of an app based on the screenshots the mods sent and them saying to go to desktop mode. Then when i got under the hood i see it said my browser was blocking notifications. I got in to chrome and there it was turned it on. we will see what that changes…


Same here. I’ve got some categories set as Watching First Post. Not getting them anymore in about 2-4 weeks. The iOS notification settings for the app are all fully on. iOS 12.3.1

edit: I do get the browser notifications on desktops…


Glad it’s not just me…


yup couple.IA posts made since i flipped on the notifications in chrome and no push notifications. When i open the app it shows a notification but no push style.notifications are happening.


Bummer. Wonder if it’s something that can be repaired. It’s a missed attribute to this app


I’m having the same issue. Thought maybe it was because my notifications were full but i can’t find a way to delete them.


I found the source of the issue. It can be repaired and should be able to get it done today.


That’s awesome. Love this platform and appropriate your efforts

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Good find - I had a feeling it was an APNS cert issue considering all the other notifications work except for iOS. Was thinking of looking back a year ago around this date and seeing if the “new feature” of push notifications suddenly worked. Thanks!

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Certificates are renewed and live. I guess things should be working now. Please let me know if you get a notification.


Got it All good now

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Just got it here - looks like we’re back in business. I’ll PM you if I think I’m not seeing an alert in the next 24hr.

Thanks for your ongoing support with the app and platform!

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And for the Android Army? any fix there? From what i understand for Android its not really an app with a apk but a browser. I have turned on everything and no push notifications.

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On iPhone using browser I had to go in and enable on Safari and google (as the search engine using with safari )