OR-ODF-Almeda Drive

State ID: OR
3 letter designator: ODF
Fire name: Update: Renamed: AlmedaDriveFire - Formerly: Glendowerfire
Location: Ashland, Oregon
Reported acres: 10000+
Rate of spread: RROS
Report on Conditions: Numerous commercial/residential structure fires in progress.
Structure threat: Yes. Update: 100+ structures reported destroyed as of 15:30PDT. Likely 1000’s
Hazards: Life safety. Large scale evacuations in progress.
Weather: 86 Deg. F., Winds 20mph, Gusts 45mph, 8% RH
Radio channels:
Scanner link: https://m.broadcastify.com/listen/feed/7238
Webcam link: https://kobi5.com/news/fire-in-ashland-triggers-evacuations-136194/
Agency Website:

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Medford Alert Twitter Feed https://twitter.com/MedfordALERT

Live Fire Cam by KOBI5-ABC: https://kobi5.com/news/fire-in-ashland-triggers-evacuations-136194/

Fire is on the North side of town, or at least that is where the reported structures are burning, or threatened.

Dispatch advising they are requesting units from Calfire.

Conditions are fast starting to resemble the Paradise fire. Ashland area evacuation is becoming chaotic as flame spread is quickly overwhelming response and resources amid high winds.

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Command reports total resource drawdown. No resources available response to requests. T912 on station and making direct drop within residential areas. Multiple simultaneous reports of civilians trapped in burning structures needed immediate extrication. https://twitter.com/i/status/1303460815605960704

Path of fire is taking direct aim at Phoenix and Medford pushing ahead of strong winds straight up I-5.

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Sounds REAL bad. Multiple towns along highway 99 impacted. Multiple large mobile home parks impacted.
At this point it sounds like a lot of Talent and Phoenix may burn. (Edit* saying “most” of town was excessive)
Having major traffic issues with folks evacuating multiple directions from multiple areas.

These Fire personnel are amazing.
SH1T HAS hit the fan.
They are all overwhelmed and asking for help, “nobody to send you, do what you can”
They just keep calm, bust ass and correlate efforts as best they can.

Another fire also took off at Medford Oaks RV park up 140 outside of Medford. I believe that’s the other hot spot showing on IR.

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Bear Lake estates impacted already.
Northridge Terrace Mobile park was “imminent”.
“Fire has crossed north over Phoenix Overpass.”

Live news from Medford here. Fire has jumped the 5 at Phoenix road


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Hard to get through the clutter. Any word if there is confirmed fire on the west side of 99? Different ball game if it starts up the hill…

Yes, multiple places.
In Talent at Arnos rd. At least 1/2 an hour ago.
More recently in Phoenix.
Still in the structures in the flats for now I think.
Or at least they can’t care where it’s running, they are still scrambling to save lives in town. It may be a while until they start “Wildland fire fighting” in the hills.

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Used to work in so oregon, i would put most of those agencies up against any in the country for what they do with the level of staffing they have. They are used to not having a lot of resources.

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Oregon Forestry

In SW Oregon, the Almeda Fire in/near Ashland is reported at 1,000 ac, while the South Obenchain Fire east of Eagle Point is at about 1,700 acres.

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Losing tons of structures. Fire is running through mobile homes in Coleman Creek Estates

Somebody just advised IC that they are in a seriously bad situation in Phoenix

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They just aren’t used to fires like this.
They want help bad.
They have done VERY little fire fighting.
Mostly trying to stay ahead of evacuations. And constant calls for residential entrapments, many different units have shuttles/evacuated kids (from homes with parents at work).
They are doing their best for what they have, but they could really use some help.

Scanner at 16:37-
“We are just trying to get people out of here, we’re dealing with a dangerous situation here in Phoenix.”
*i think he was just saying the whole town is in danger and he knows everyone isn’t out yet.

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Level 3 evacuation zone order extended Northward to E. Glenwood Rd. Now having reached Medford City limits.

Sounds like they are sending people the wrong way on I5 to get people out!

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