Other Category suggestions: Mitigation, Training, Jobs, Photos?

What other Primary categories would be useful on the site? I for one would like to foster discussions around hazard mitigation with a focus on technique and tools rather than education. What other ideas are out there?

Maybe a Category for Fire Weather so Folks can post about up coming weather including RFW’s or Lightning Activity. Also, a section on lessons learned or near misses where Folks can share personal stories, and we could post Green Sheets from accidents reviews. It seems to me that the more options members have to post miscellaneous information the cleaner the Fire Threads will be.

  • Category for videos, photos, non-sequiters etc.
  • Category for Safety.
  • Category for Jobs (as mentioned).

We talked about having place for people to sell used gear from time to time…maybe an idea for down the road.

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I like all 3. It would be nice if we could ask a moderator or member to champion each new feed to ensure it gets used and has activity. I’ll take the Mitigation category but need a week or two before I can focus on it.


Thoughts on adding another regional subcategory, in addition to initial attack, ongoing incidents, questions/discussion – adding “contained”. Mods move fires from IA to ongoing approx 24hours into the incident; however, if a fire is contained, it’s no longer ‘ongoing’ and would make for a quicker search of active incidents.

Maybe adding an area or category for Move up and cover. This way fire threads won’t be clogged with units covering behind an incident. This could also be used for prepositioning for weather events.

Good morning, may I suggest a category COMMUNICATIONS. With all the changes and items coming in the future it would be nice to have a specific category. I would also like to become a MODERATOR and I 'de be glad to look over this category.

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First off! Thanks for bringing the hotlist back. A topic that I was involved with was the Wildland Fire Medical and Safety. I had a lot of private messages and discussions in the category from line EMTs or Medics asking specifics of what to bring extra of, what webgear to use, etc. I also know an ER Doc that takes all of the fire classes and occasionally will go out on the fires that would also like to be a moderator.

Thanks Again.

Hey Mtnmedics1. We would be happy to create the category. I would ask that you help get it off the ground. Categories need posts to thrive. Also, please have the ER doc contact us via the forum.

Here you go.


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Radio Communications Category

What about a ROSS users section? Not for folks to ask for order statuses, etc., but for users to ask questions of other users or to even clarify how stuff in ROSS works for those that aren’t users. There are different ways of trying to find the same information in ROSS and I’m always looking to learn new stuff myself.


this is a GREAT question (209 Summary Briefing -- resource need section ), especially assisting new users to the forums who have varying to little to no knowledge of wildfires / IMT. Have we considered adding another category of “education” or “Defintions”?

Maybe “WILDFIRE MGMT FAQ” … “Wildfire management 101” … “Incident management 101”

I know we fall into acronyms easily in many of the IA/Continuing threads and this could assist in avoiding lots of “hey, what does that mean” (which may not happen, but depending on the type of growth in the public eye ,…)