PG&E Aircraft Use


Significant aircraft today. Air FM on 166.6125

Helibase outside of Middletown with a bunch of T1 and T2 fills. Tankers 163 out of Redding, 86, 107, 131, 134 out of MCC.

It’ll be interesting later this season to see how they do T3 copter fills on these incidents after a PGE PSPS shutdown. Part of PGE’s plan for re-energizing after a PSPS is a massive aerial inspection of their distribution after the weather event passes for downed lines or trees. This can be upwards of 10-20+ copters swarming the foothills and Sonoma Lake Napa on patrols.

edit: type 3, not type 2


I’d imagine PGE just does a CWN as well. I wonder if they’ve already got a bunch on a retainer type set up or if the requests will just go to the highest bidder?

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That sounds more like a mission the T-3 copters.

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Last year, PG&E did exclusive use contracts with some CWNs.

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