Problems with App


Anyone else having problems with this app. It takes forever to pop up on my screen.

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Yeah i gave up. I keep the app for the notifications but just have the website saved in my browser to navigate to. The app is basically directing you to the web instance.

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Same issue on my Iphone, but here that it will get worked on soon. Lot’s of volunteer time working on stuff, so I can’t complain. Im just glad they will have an App at some point that will be great. Accessing this site on Safari or Brave is quite fast and just as easy.


Copy. Thanks everyone.


Same problem here as well.


The app works just fine. Yes, it takes a long time to load. I set my auto screen lock to two minutes just for this app. Once it loads it’s good. Just give it some time.

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Well…that’s why I asked. If it takes 2-3 minutes to load it doesn’t work just fine. I’m trying to get information about possible bug fixes.


I don’t understand…it does work fine. I’m on it right now.


The other thing I do once it loads, don’t close it completely and then just hit the home button on the top to refresh. As I stated, once it loads, it works great. Never had any issues with my iPhone. Just be patient friends! Of course I always say “If I had patience, I’d be a Dr.”




I do the exact same thing!