The Annual August Recess

Once again, usually without fail, no matter how busy the first half is, we get the Annual August Recess of fire season. Almost like clockwork, for three weeks, sometime from the last week of July until mid Augustish, all is fairly quiet, crews get back on base and hopefully reconnect with family and friends, before it all starts again for the 2nd half.


Yep, right on schedule.


Take a look at the Sit 500…IHCs still almost all committed or R&R and will be back on Apple for example. So no break for them. Maybe they’ll get a pause in a week or so if I.A. stay light. -mod

Was saying the samething early this morning, hope all get all the help, love and back to a normal as can be before the next storm arrives,


Simple question; I know what an IHC is and I know what a T2IA crew is but what is a “Suppression Module”?

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I think your are thinking of WFM (Wildland Fire Modules)? They are smaller crews designed to support any type of fire in remote areas. They are great for spiking out in the wilderness to monitor or take action. This is the very condensed single answer. They are great for multiple reasons. They used to be called Fire Use Modules.


The Sit 500 list Horseshoe as a Suppression Module

I’m not on that forest, but it MAY be a staffing issue. I wont speculate what is the cause. Suppression module may be just a term they are putting on crews not being able to fully staff, but are available to some extent for fire responses as a suppression module and not any typing of crew due to numbers being below NWCG standards. Just a thought based off of what’s happened on my forest, not a formal answer.


It never fails to amaze me how fast we digress.


If you mean about staying on topic, I suppose its like getting a bunch of firefighters together in the dirt to talk shop. Next thing you know 30 minutes have passed and the fire still isn’t out, but we’ve had lots of laughter, remember some things from the past, talked about “what’s new”, basically a 100 different topics down dozens of rabbit trails…Par for the course.


Attached is a definition for the Northern Rockies.

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Looks like the recess is over…


I know, I opened my big mouth. It’s like walking in the command center and saying, “it sure is quiet in here!”.


@A904G, I’m holding you personally responsible for what may go down as the worst fire season in California history :slight_smile: :rofl:


I can’t believe that was 30 days ago. I don’t know if that is a short time or a long time. Time
is pretty f*cked up these days.