2019 IMT Discussion


Yup, but Team 10 got the call. They bypassed 2 teams higher in the rotation to get who they wanted it seems.


They wanted the incoming team there for an in brief at 1200 tomorrow. Tough to do for SoCal teams.


Teams 14 & 15 are both Central teams


It’s a regional all in one rotation now. Doesn’t matter. Team 14 then team 15 are up. If 14 and 15 are available, 10 should immediately turn down the assignment and defer to the rotation.

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Off topic but there was a reason why we had north, central and southern teams in the first place, not one regional rotation.


But I dont think they did


Maybe other forests will remember this example to get the local teams.


I don’t know if this is the case, but perhaps the majority of Team 10 is based in the Northern part of the state.


Then why have a regional rotation if that’s all a unit has to do.

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From my understanding after team meeting the decision was made by the ICs to do things this way and see how it went. Makes no sense trying to get a norcal team to San Diego in 12 hrs or vice versa. The issue will become what happens if certain teams aren’t getting called because of location. And yes most of team 10 is Norcal. Some of them will be up there tonight. I’m on team 10, but not going this turn.

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Milehigh, this was not what the ICs wanted, this came from Nwcg. That along with the short team that used to be NorCal 1

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CWCG changes its name to:



The Feds went to a state wide rotation against the advice of all the type 2 IC’s. The Tucker fire was shopped to the 2 teams above the team that accepted the assignment, because that team is a NC based team and can meet the forests needs to get a team quickly. Get used to it, you will see this all season long because it doesn’t make sense to bring a team from south zone to a north zone fire when the forest needs the help immediately.


So does Team 14 go off rotation tomorrow as usual or do they get to stay on rotation longer for loosing an assignment now?


Unbelievable. Of course it doesn’t make sense, but it makes more sense then having a regional rotation in the first place. People plan shifts, vacations and life around the IMT rotation.

It’s all about playing favorites.


Of course not. CWCG aka, COWJMTSU, didn’t have an opportunity to put that in the rule book.


What’s up with the National Rotation? It shows that Southwest and Northwest IMT’s have had all of the assignments. Is that just luck of the draw? Just curious as that whole National Rotation seems super confusing.


This is the first fed team deployment in CA. You are right, nobody knows whether they are on 24, 8, or 2 hours because of this new policy. If you think this is a cluster, wait till things pick up and we have teams passing each other on I5 trying to get to incidents on different ends of the state. There is nothing good about abolishing the regional teams, everybody loses.



So cal fed fires will do the same the next fire they have. Central cal fed fires will also do the same. So in reality, we have no regional rotation. It’s just mass stupidity.

The inbrief time was just the excuse they pulled from the air to justify.

All central and southern forests will do the same.

And no, I am not on team 14 or 15.


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And when they first told us of this new rotation, I’m sure many knew this issue was going to come up. It seemed really strange that a team from Socal would bypass 2 central and 2 north teams to get to a fire in the far north of part of the state…or vice versa. But this is what NWCG wanted. Partly because the north teams have been hammered the last few years with little to no time off in between incidents. So they wanted this new rotation to try and take the burden off specific teams whose regions might be more busy than others. Will be interesting to see how this plays out over the remainder of the fire season. Every team feels tied to their region because rightfully so, they are familiar with their regions. But they will need to figure it out soon or else it’s going to get really interesting as it gets busier in the state.

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