Seems likely that the Summer and Haypress fires will merge at some point, and probably burn until the snow flies, so I figured I would start a Q&D thread.

From what I saw today, smoke filled the river canyons, dropped the temps, increased the RH, and greatly moderated fire activity. Smoke from the Monument and McFarland fires is also shading these fires. Tomorrow may be a different story if the winds and instability show up.


I just caught the tail end of the morning radio briefing, but the IC mentioned a new start on the Scott River ranger district. I didn’t catch the name or location. Anyone have any more info?

Edit: @ShannonM, saw on FB you were taking notes on the briefing. Did you catch anything about a new start?


@fishcop It’s called the Merle fire. This morning it was 1/2 acre burning slash, brush, and a log. Helicopter said low potential. Wind is really blowing here from N/NW as predicted.

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Thanks, Shannon. Just came back from the Haypress/Summer. Wind was fairly light and the fire that I could see was mostly slowly backing. Not much flame visible. Things may have changed this evening, but it looked much better than I expected given the forecast.


Looks like the Haypress is off to the races this morning… heard on the morning briefing that the Coffee Creek portion burned actively through the night.

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Any word on whether Glacier View or Lake View Ranch’s have survived?

My understanding from the radio briefings is that both are in good shape. There was lots of time to prep the structures, and they used defensive firing when necessary.

Good to hear. Thanks for the intel.

With the last post in the IA thread, are they ordering more resources to the complex?


Multiple strike teams being demobed from the Caldor to respond to this


The data packages from ftp site for the River Complex have been a mess since I first started looking at them. Today’s is missing a lot of entries compared to yesterday, so much that I don’t feel it’s trustworthy to bother uploading my usual KML files. Here’s an example:
Yesterday’s results for Monument Fire.
Black = Contained Line
Blue = Completed All Type Of Line
Purple = Planned All Type Of Line

Today’s result. Notice many of the lines from lower half are missing:

A specific example. What was tagged as Contained Line yesterday above Hayfork is ObjectID 43494:

Today the entry doesn’t even exist:

Control burn my ash! It definitely looks like its coming from Haypress, in my opinion. Traveled up CC road, looks just like it did 2 weeks ago!

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This area.

I know… I mentioned it came from Facebook because we all know about 1/2 a percent of info is reliable there and it didn’t make sense given the current winds and predicted upcoming weather.

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Yep! WTH! Winds are terrible tonight!