Visibility must have deteriorated, or the mission was accomplished, releasing or canceling all the tankers ordered.
There is a small IA to the north of the incident (limited potential), some aircraft were unable to make it to scene due to visibility.


1900 CA-SHF Delta Fire: 31,325 acres, 0% contained. Fire was active today with crowning and spotting. A Type 1 Management Team (CIIMT 4, Kurth) will inbrief tomorrow at 1500.


I updated a map based on MODIS satellite heat and where the Team drew the perimeter this evening. This shows spread over last 48 hours or so. MODIS was updated about 2pm today. I’ve got no idea what it did this afternoon, but it is chugging along in most directions except South.

On the North, it is getting close to the Shotgun Creek drainage, which is a patchwork of 0-18 year-old clearcuts, with some selection logging, too. Maps are showing proposed dozer line on the ridge just to the South of Shotgun Creek - if it gets established in the bottom of Shotgun Creek it seems likely to run the drainage like it did on the first day.

Sacramento Forecast Discussion:

A weak shortwave trough will move through the area tonight
through Saturday. Winds are expected to be the main impact with
this shortwave. Locally gusty south to southwest winds are
expected overnight into Saturday, shifting to the north in the
northern Sacramento valley early Saturday. Gusts up to 20 to 30
mph are possible, mainly over ridgetops. Temperatures are expected
to fall somewhat into the weekend as well, cooling back to near


Shan and others reading, when saying a repeater name, please tell the Group that it’s either CalFIRE COMMAND NET or a NIFC COMMAND NET.
Thank you


Well, how is an intel guy supposed to sleep in on a weekend when you know you are getting an IR flight right in the middle of a dry cold front passing thru?
Looks like the forecast winds blew things up a bit. IR got flown about midnight and caught some long-range spotting - a few spots about a mile to the North that are going to be well-established by now. The fire spilled into Shotgun Creek over the proposed dozer line ridge.

Fire is well established into Trinity County - the County line is green on this map.

And fire is well-established over the Carr Fire contingency line, on the SW flank.

The East flank of the fire made a run to the North, is headed for the 2012 Ward Fire scar.


Fantastic images, great work, thanks you.


I think the issue is the COML did something really wierd on the Hirz fire and named the commands 1-4 on the radio alpha tags and the 205, as well as their Ops maps. The real channel names, NIFC Cmd8, Cmd31, etc aren’t referenced anywhere. Quite a…different…way of doing things.

All that to say, nobody knows WHAT the actual freq assignment is unless they have an updated 205 to reference.


XSA 4154C just released from the North incident and reassigned to the Delta.


Incident directory with maps for 9/8!2018_FEDERAL_Incidents/CA-SHF-001223_Hirz/GIS/Products/Mobile_Maps/


That’s pretty much accepted practice throughout the nation for the NIFC frequencies because the actual frequencies are never static and change from one year to the next, although NIFC swears they’re going to be static for the foreseeable future. It all depends on how the team or COML decides on a naming convention. IE: when a fire branches you could up ending uop with a Branch name as the title of the channel slot. Also don’t forget that any NIFC command repeater after Command 7 or 8, I believe, don’t have my list in front of me, is a special one-off frequency pair,so programming it in a large pre season load such as a CalFire load is useless because quite possibly NIFC Command31 on one incident won’t be the same pair as it is on next years incidents or even on another incident this year. Pay attention to the 205. Semper Gumby (always Flexible).


And this is why the BK field programmable radios are so nice to have (especially early on when cloning isn’t available or handy).


Ordres OES 4812C from the XSA are just coming in…0600 report time.

3 new starts just popped up…here we go…


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Going into unified command with Cal Fire


40,580 acres, 0% contained. 407 off Redding for a recon. Will be circling the fire.


Projected Incident Activity

12 hour: Fire will moderate as the inversion builds. Fire behavior will begin to moderate as temperatures gradually decrease with relative humidities increasing correspondingly. Fire will continue to grow to the north, northwest.

24 hour: Fire behavior will be moderate until the inversion breaks, then become active. Expect to see torching, short range spotting and short crown runs.


norcalscan, you are correct. We had it here on the Mendocino Complex…confusion.
It’s taught the correct way but there are a lot of COML’s that don’t listen and use the terminology book the correct way. It’s not CMD 1, CMD 2. WE need to list it for the “common” person, and not the agency.
Thank you for your continued input on the Group, your a wealth of information.


9/9/2018 update - IR from last night about 9pm.
The fire has spread slowly but steadily in most directions since yesterday. Aside from a firing operation on the SE corner, no areas spread more than a mile. The light blue lines on these maps show 24 hours of growth.
Dark Blue shows Carr and Hirz Fires. White lines are Carr and Hirz dozer lines.


9/9 maps!2018_FEDERAL_Incidents/CA-SHF-001223_Hirz/GIS/Products/Mobile_Maps/


Yeah channel alphas should always be the common channel name and NOT assignment or made up name. Assignments change all the time. I had a radio loaded with assignment vs common name on the Rim fire and the assignment was wrong. DIV Y on load did not match what DIV Y was actually using. Had a guy on the line hold his mic down while I spun the dial to find the right tac, oh that’s DIV C on my radio. Great thanks! If we all said R5 Tac 5 then we’d all be good.

NIFC Cmds 1-12 are static and preloaded in the state load. 20 on are temporary for the season, but stays the same for the season so Cmd67 on Mendo Complex is same as C67 on a fire on the CNF for this season. I understand those change each season/year but that’d be nice if they don’t.