Wow! 15,000+ acres in 9 hours. That’s crazy. It’s a monster, be safe out there!


We were heavily involved as one of the first engines pulled of the Hirz to help. I have never seen a timber fire run at us the way this one did so quickly. It was a perfect storm of fuels wind and topography. Some REAL good work done by all the crews involved to try to create order from chaos


Clean air and good vis.HIRZ Air attack requesting to the DELTA :thinking:


Putting tankers on a hold. They were using them to build line on a ridge, but AA and ops have decided that they don’t have enough time to put the line in and burn it before the fire gets there. Going to be coming up with a “whole new game plan”. Additionally flying conditions are very tough with heavy smoke, and low visibility.


Conditions have smoked in enough that AA is talking to Ops about returning to base and saving flight time, until things cleared up. The lead plane has already returned to Redding.
Tankers from the Delta are being pushed over to the SHF-Kerlin or to bases.


From The Trinity Journal

Evacuations of the East Fork Road area in north Trinity County are under way due to the Delta fire, radio traffic indicates.

“(The fire) crossed over the Trinity-Shasta line and it is easing into Halls Gulch,” said Trinity County OES Manager Ed Prestley.

From the Trinity Center Volunteer Fire Department, Chief Steve Renten roughly estimated that 100 people live in the East Fork area. Alpen Cellars is also there.

The Delta fire started yesterday near the Vollmers exit on I-5 north of Lakehead and is burning on both sides of the I-5. Numerous structures in Shasta County are threatened.


This is the text of the “CodeRED” mobile app notification



Command 4 is out of service effective immediately.


XSA is sending T3 ST from SAC…4155C


XCO sending type lll from Colusa & Glenn Co.


Per inciweb 22,000 acres.


California Interagency Incident Management Team 4 - Kurth ordered for Delta. Team will in brief on Saturday.


24,588 acres


Aircraft was unable to fly due to smoke. Infared maps are unavailable as a result.


0700 Modis

I grabbed the .jpg, not the whole page, so I hope its viewable.


NIROPS could not fly due to smoke? That is strange. They fly at 15,000 above ground level, both aircraft have turbo engines and flights are done on instruments not visual flight rules.
Where they parked in Redding and was Redding Airport below IFR minimums???

Both aircraft are reported to be down for mechanical reasons.


You can follow NIROPS on Twitter, they have an account for each plane and post updates as they complete each mission, with ETAs and notes about mechanical problems, cloud cover, etc.


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Afternoon routine
Air attack requesting
1 lead
4 Vlat
4 Lat
2 scoopers


There were mechanical issues that kept it parked. Happens all the time with aircraft…